Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Trip to the Houston Zoo!

In case you're not already on picture and animal overload from my post yesterday about our Sea World San Antonio trip, today I'm going to share with you pics from this weekend, when we headed down South to see David's parents, and go to the Houston Zoo. It was a surprisingly fun trip, except that I was SICK. Even so, I rallied and spent a family day at the zoo, soaking up being a newly confirmed member of the family :D If you haven't been to the Houston Zoo and live near enough to make a day of it, I highly recommend the trip! We've been to a lot of zoos in Ava's two years, and this one was by far the nicest. I was extremely impressed by the facility, as well as the range of animals and experiences. We'll definitely be going back! Check out some highlights: Gorgeous scenery EVERYWHERE!
This tunnel was one of the coolest things we did!
He needed a boost...
Ava loves turtles. Even mean ones.
"It's the Circle of Life..."
Bevo. On steroids.
Too cool for school.
It looks like there isn't even a barrier!
Waltzing through the caves:
Feeding the giraffes:
Group picture:
American Eagle:
Ava driving a ship :)
Brushing the goats at the children's petting zoo:
I'd never seen a real life Mandrill before!
Monkeying around with grandpa!
How awesome are jellyfish (when behind glass)..?
Daddy and Ava at the zoo!


  1. Ugh! I'm so sorry I'm slacking on my comments! I've caught up and so love all the wedding pictures. You made such a beautiful bride and Ava was the cutest flower girl!!! Congrats again!

    I love the Houston zoo! My mom buys season passes every year from Presley and my nephew. P loves going.

  2. So fun!! Taking Asher to Sea World and the zoo are now my top summer priorities. I think he would love both!

  3. Looks like a great zoo!! That's awesome that you could feed the giraffes!


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