Monday, June 18, 2012

Phone Dump..Monday?

I've only just realized that I haven't been posting lately, as I've been so insanely busy. Between a job interview (it went wonderfully! fingers crossed!), four funerals in as many weeks, and being at an age where suddenly we're attending constant weddings, I'm meeting myself coming and going these days! Anyhow, I've managed to capture a few picture worthy moments lately, and wanted to share them while I had the chance!

My super sweet little ladies!

What? That's not what you usually wear to play outside?

Mess? What mess, mama?

Hugs :)

Painting in panties!

My little cowgirl!

What happens when you want to give up your nap before you're old enough...


  1. She is so adorable and so active! I love the outfits she chooses to wear too! Keep up the great work, mama! And good luck with the new job prospects! Thinking lots of good thoughts for you!

  2. Ahhh I understand. Life gets SO busy!!!! Sorry to hear about the numerous funerals. Hope you guys are doing ok!!! My favorite picture, hands down, is the painting one. ADORABLE. :) Thanks for the post/pic update!

  3. Fingers crossed for your interview. It looks like you and Ava are having great summer!

    P.S. It was great to see you yesterday and meet Ava.

  4. Aww, love her cowboy boots!! Good luck on the job!


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