Thursday, July 19, 2012


....Babs! (or Babette, technically :P)

About Babs:

Babs is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, and even though she is only 10 weeks old, she's full grown at 2.5 pounds! She's also very soft and quite fluffy, hence her big appearance for her weight :)

Her favorite treat is bananas:

She loves to give kisses:

She shares Ava's fascination with Aladdin:

Only one family member doesn't adore her:

...but that's ok. The rest of us do!

As for Sundress, it turns out that wild rabbits cannot be domesticated - it's impossible - so after consulting with the petting zoo where we re-homed the other wild rabbits and a vet, we were advised to let her free in the wild. Ava was a great sport about it, though a bit sad, and so we adopted one of the petting zoo bunnies instead! Sundress now lives on the Brushy Creek Greenbelt with her "family", and is much happier :)

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