Friday, August 5, 2011


First things first, TGIF. Ava is being a serious BUTTHEAD - today has probably been the worst behavior she's ever exhibited, all for no apparent reason. Perhaps two year molars?

Thankfully, she's cute enough to save herself. Take for example at bedtime tonight. Ava, for whatever reason, will only take her pink pacis now. UGH. In case that's not a huge pain in the ass. Anyways, she loves the pink ones so much that she's started to chew through the nipple of them, and so I can't let her sleep with them in her mouth for fear that she'll bite through it and choke. Anywho, we switch them out once she's either asleep, or it is dark enough she won't notice. Tonight, I had done just that, when Ava pulls her paci out and puts it up close to her eyes.

"Ba?" (that's what she calls her bink) "Ba???" "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" (with increasing hysterics). "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (for blue - she realized I had swapped hers for a blue one - apparently a cardinal sin!)

Hahaha. She's too smart for her own good (and for my sanity!).

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  1. Ok, its totally hilarious that she prefers the pink ones...what little girl doesn't?? :-)


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