Wednesday, August 21, 2013

30 Weeks: Our Little Cucumber!

This week baby boy is about 2.5-3.8 pounds (quite the range there, eh?) and the size of a cucumber. 

How far along: 30 weeks

Net weight gain/loss: 21 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Yep. Well, at home I wear my yoga pants and long tank tops from before, but my clothes that I can wear in public without embarrassment are all maternity.

Stretch marks: no 

Belly button: My popped out belly button has become the kids' latest fascination after seeing me put on my swimsuit...yay.

Sleep: ITCHING. Like, lay down at night and spend thirty minutes scratching, and waking up from scratching my skin raw. My doctor actually ordered a special blood test for a gallbladder/liver issue known as Cholestasis, since my itching is so bad. Let's hope I don't have it, though, since it's dangerous for baby at the end. On the bright side, they'd likely deliver me at 37 weeks, and let's be real here: I can't wait for this baby to vacate!

Baby movement: he's my little break dancer.

Gender: boy

Food cravings: lifesavers. I actually ate a lifesaver and six sour patch kids for dinner. Dinner is DEF my least favorite meal of the day these days, and I rarely feel like eating anything...

Food aversions: meat. Which explains, as does my dinner mentioned above, why I am severely anemic. Like, iron levels a mere fraction of what they were at my initial blood draw. 

What I miss: wearing a non-maternity swimsuit to the pool!

Looking forward to: my grandma visiting next weekend, and my baby showers!

Best moment this week: I PASSED MY 3-HOUR GESTATIONAL DIABETES TEST!!! It wasn't awful - I mean, four blood draws and that gross drink weren't fun by any means - but I'm so glad I passed! I will say, though, that given my normally hectic, child-centered schedule, sitting alone in a waiting room reading and not speaking to a soul was kind of Heavenly....

Milestones: baby is now strong enough to grasp a finger 

And for those inquiring minds who want to see how fat I'm getting (sadists!), here are some belly pics:

And if you're wondering what kind of dumb pregnant woman wears horizontal stripes, well, so am I now that I've seen these pictures. Eek. Might be retiring that tank top!

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