Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm posting this from the waiting room at the lab, where I've just finished 100g of glucose and 1 of my 4 blood draws, so keep in mind that whatever I'm saying is being fueled in great part by hunger and sugar :) Not necessarily how you want to start your Monday morning off, but I'm a firm believe in getting stuff you dread out of the way so you can focus on the better things to come, so here I am, bright dull-eyed and bushy not-so-perky tailed. Just two and a half hours to go....

I am really, really hoping the results will come back in my favor, but if not, we'll deal with it. I know GD isn't the end of the world or anything, but with how restrictive this pregnancy has been, the thought of facing more restrictions just really doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. Oh well, though. You win some, you lose some.

This Wednesday is my 30-week appointment, where we'll also be going over my test results from this morning, and I'll be asking my doctor about why I'm itching so severely. I mean, it's intense. Like, keep me up at night because my hands and feet and neck itch so terribly I can't sleep type intense. So that's fun, too. Basically, my body is just up in the air about pregnancy. SO GLAD this is my last. You have no idea. 65 days, y'all. Not sure if you get to deliver earlier with GD than my 39-week repeat cesarean, but that could be a silver lining, yes?

Also, I've been dealing with some severe pica. As it turns out, I'm severely anemic, so that's probably a major part of it, but still - could I please catch a break? I'm kind of over it :)

As for the rest of this week, I return to my second job tomorrow morning, and while I can't wait to see the girls and the family (and neither can Ava), I'm just so bone tired these days, I'm feeling overwhelmed at the thought of working more than I currently am. Thankfully, though, my other days will be a bit lighter with work once school starts, so hopefully I can slip into a good routine and sail through the last nine weeks. A girl could dream, right?

So that's where we're at. It'd been a while since I updated, and basically, that's in the interest of not wanting to be complaining and complaining all day every day. Hope everyone else out there is doing well, and if you're pregnant, too, that it's going better for you than for me :)


  1. Oh! I hate the glucose test! Sending you love and hugs and strength. You're almost there, girl!

  2. ummm they are sure it isn't puppps, right? Also, those iron supplements can cause even more stomach and digestive problems, so ask for one that absorbs slowly in the intestines rather than the stomach. E and I both took a variety of them before finding one that worked. I have hereditary anemia and it sucks when pregnant. It really saps your energy. You can make it!


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