Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jack: 2 Months Old!

Well, that was a fast two months (well, 10 weeks technically, but who's counting?!)!

At two months, Jack:

- weighed 10 lbs, 14 oz (3, 3 over his birth weight - go mommy milk!) and in the 39%.
- was 23" long - jumping from 37% at 1 month to 62% at 2 months! Another long one it seems!
- still had a head circumference in the 16% - what can I say? My kiddos have small heads :)
- is really wanting to roll over. If I lay him on his back in a diaper - which makes him extremely happy - he will try hard to get over. He hasn't quite gotten there yet, but it's coming!
- never stops moving his arms and legs - which isn't a big shocker considering how active he was in my tummy! When in his bouncer or laying down anywhere awake, he kicks his legs constantly and in rotation to where it looks like he's walking. So cute!
- is exclusively breastfed, and still highly sensitive to dairy and potentially eggs.
- loves nothing more than being held by mommy, whether in the carrier, my arms, or laying across my lap when I sit on the couch cross-legged. 
- now sleeps full-time in my bed, cradled in my arms while snuggled up next to him. It still makes me nervous since he's so little, but we have a Snuza (best. thing. ever.), and that helps to keep me calm and reassure me. Not to mention, Ava had slept with me for so long I feel confident that I'm very aware of him spatially, and it's just him and I in the bed for now. 
- speaking of sleep, he generally sleeps until 2:30-3:30, then wakes up around 5:30 to eat, and then goes back to sleep as long as he can, depending on my work schedule and when we have to leave. Today, New Year's, he slept until 10:00! What?! 
- likes to fall asleep for his morning nap in his swing (when we're home) or in the car seat (when we're at work), with his puppy that plays lullabies next to him. He also has a couple lovies that we're trying to figure out which one he prefers. He definitely likes to have something to touch and love on while he sleeps, even though he prefers mommy :)

We love you so much, Jack, and are in awe of our little family of four! 

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