Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ava Loves Jack.

Ava amazes me every single day. She's courageous, sharp as a tack, kind and generous, and beautiful. But more than that, she never fails to impress me with the way she treats Jack. Gone is the insecurity and uncertainty that naturally comes with having a new sibling and sharing your mom and dad, and, in its place, compassion and empathy for her sweet little brother who adores her so very much. So much of a person's character can be gleamed by how they treat those that they hold a position of power over, or who are dependent upon them and smaller and weaker than them, and while I know we're talking about a four-year-old and not a tyrannical leader, I'm still so impressed with the way that she treats him. I worried so much in the very beginning when he cried all day, every day, that she would grow to dislike him, but instead of telling him to be quiet and getting upset with him, she sympathized with him and comforted him, saying things like, "It's ok, Jack. Mommy loves you, Jack Jack. You're not alone." Swoon. Now that he's increasingly sweet and happy, she enjoys his company even more, and attempts to "play" with him without any asking on my part. Just the other day, I was pumping and witnessing this beautiful sight:

Each of those 10293812907412038 times I threw up while pregnant with Jack? Totally worth it.

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