Monday, March 24, 2014

Bump Club and Beyond Presents Gearapalooza 2014!

This past weekend, I was excited to have been able to attend Bump Club and Beyond's Gearapalooza 2014! Austin was the first stop on the twelve city tour, featuring Jamie Grayson (aka The Baby Guy) at BabyEarth in Round Rock, sharing his multitude of knowledge about all things baby, maternity and parenting with a very eager crowd! 

I attended Gearapalooza last year as well, but I was far too busy trying to covertly sneak off and throw up (it wasn't public knowledge that I was pregnant yet!) to really take it all in the way that I wanted, so this year was much more fun for me! It was also wonderful to have sweet Jackson there with me, rather than just slightly more than a figment of my imagination!

Some of the wonderful sponsors and exhibitors that attended and lavished us with awesome swag included: Nuna, Cybex, Jane, Peg Perego, Beco, Baby Bjorn, Dr. Smith's, and many, many more! It's amazing what a difference a year makes, too! Last year, I ended up going last minute, and didn't really know anyone there. This year, however, I ran into several friends, including my awesome friend Traci who was manning the Dr. Smith's booth, several fellow members of Babywearing International of Greater Austin, the amazing group that took me under their wing when Jack was screaming around the clock and showed me how to properly use my ring sling/beco/moby/etc., a fellow nanny-turned-mommy friend, and a new mama friend I'd met one day while at Target. It really is a small world, isn't it?

As for the presentation, Jamie was just as awesome as last year, providing both information and entertainment and tugging at the heart strings of a gay-lovin' gal like me. The only disappointing thing about the day was that I didn't get a chance for a photo op with him….there's always next year though, right?

Can I also just say how much I adore Baby Earth, the baby store in Round Rock that hosted the event both this year and last year? Last year was my first time visiting the store, and though it's a bit off the beaten path for this Austinite, the selection cannot be beat, and the salespeople are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They're also offering delivery now, too - I know I certainly could have used to have diapers delivered a time or two in my life!

Have you been to a Gearapalooza event? What's your favorite new baby product on the market for 2014? What are the three baby items you couldn't live without?

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