Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack: One Year Old!

Time flies, doesn't it? I can't believe it's been a year already since those first few days of baby haze, but it's true what they say: the days are long, but the years are short! 

At one year, Jack:
- weighs 20 pounds, 4 ounces. He's only in the 14%, which really shocked me, especially given the way people always mention his chunky thighs! He's just a little peanut, though!
- is 29.75" inches long (49%). I was surprised at this also, since Ava is always in the 85-95% on height, but he's right smack in the middle and perfect :)
- still has his perfectly shaped head. That is all.
- is a walking machine! He can walk all throughout the house now, and as predicted, he seems much happier now that he's walking. Turns out Jack just didn't like being a baby. Hoping this year brings more happiness for the little guy as he gains independence!
- thanks to his emergent walking skills, he's also a bit of a clumsy little man, and it isn't unusual for him to be sporting a bump on his noggin from the coffee table legs, etc. He really wants to run, but his feet can't quite pull it off just yet!
- says a handful of words, including "mama", "dada", "buh" for book, bubbles and balloons (the trifecta of happiness for him!), "va!" for Ava (sometimes he adds the A sound also, but it's harder for him).
- wears a variety of sizes (he wore a 6mo polo and 6-9 month shorts to his check up!), thanks to his smaller weight but average height, and size 3 diapers.
- uses many signs, including "milk", "all done", "up", and "more" (sometimes).
- is the best little eater I've ever met. It's impossible to find a food that Jack doesn't like, but his favorites are raisins, blueberries, any sort of beans, sweet peas, and graham crackers. He wasn't a big fan of the white cake I made for his birthday, but the chocolate cupcake we gave him on his actual birthday he devoured! Looks like mama's sweet tooth is in the genes!
- is still a bit....dramatic...and a major mama's boy, but is experiencing less bouts of crying and sadness and getting happier with his emerging toddlerhood!
- is still breastfed, and loves his mommy milk!
- goes to nursery school once per week, and while he cries when I drop him off, he does great there and is a sweetie. I can't wait to post his school picture when we get them back!
- is so, so, so sweet. Loves giving hugs and being held close, and drifts closer to me every single night while asleep.

Sweet Jack, we adore you! You are the sweetest little baby I've ever met, and the feel of your arms wrapped around my neck is the very definition of happiness! Thank you for the best year of our lives!

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