Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Happiest Toddler: A Happy Family Review and Giveaway!

If there is one question that poses itself to me every day, it is what to feed my children. From concerns over their health, as well as what's in their food, to my children's particular food sensitivities and intolerances, to what snacks to have in the house that I feel good about serving to my children and their playdates, feeding the kids is something that is constantly on my mind. Because I have to be extra careful about reading labels since Jack and Ava are dairy-free, I am fairly well-versed in food labels, and the first thing that really stood out to me about Happy Family products are their quality ingredients. Composed entirely of organic ingredients, Happy Family also avoids using artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and trans fats, and their packaging is entirely BPA-free, so you can be sure that you're feeding your little ones as close to the source and as naturally as possible!

Aside from leaving out the bad stuff, Happy Family also ensures your child gets plenty of the good stuff, with super foods like kale, quinoa, amaranth and more added into foods in enticing combinations to help give your tot the best start! Some foods even have Salba, the "super Chia", with others boasting DHA, choline and probiotics.

We recently picked up a variety of Happy Family products, including Green Puffs Happy Puffs, Happy Munchies Blueberry and Beet Rice Cakes, Happy Yogis Banana Mango Fruit & Yogurt Melts, Happy Creamies Veggie & Fruit Snacks and Happy Baby and Happy Tot on-the-go Simple Combos and Hearty Meals Pouches. In case your toddler has the sweet tooth that I've passed down to mine, they also make delicious Happy Tot Best Friends Cookies that even I may have stolen a couple of :)

To be honest, I couldn't tell you which of the products that Jackson liked the most! Full disclosure: he's a great eater, and has rarely met a food he didn't like, but even still, he gobbled the melts and puffs up while waiting for me to dish out our family dinner, and the "snacks" were filled with such nutritious ingredients, I didn't even feel guilty about letting him snack before dinner!

The pouches are another of my favorites, since we're on-the-go and in the car so frequently. With delicious combinations like banana, beet & blueberry, and zucchini, pear & kale, you'll be able to sneak in more of what their growing bodies need without any protesting on their part! Now that Jack is older, we really enjoy the Hearty Meals combinations, such as Super Salmon, packing salmon, quinoa, fruits and veggies into a meal! Where can I get nutrition that easy and convenient for myself?!

Though Happy Family was founded by moms who wanted simple and accessible nutrition for their child, that's not the only thing about the company that you can feel good about. In fact, Happy Family focuses on both sustainability and giving back to the community. While they're making a difference in our homes and kitchens, they're also making a difference worldwide, partnering with Project Peanut Butter, an organization that helps to provide food to kids in Africa, and FEED, an organization that helps to fight hunger and malnutrition, especially in children.

Between now and Sunday, I'm offering my readers a chance to win a trial package of Happy Toddler products and swag, which will consist of over $25 worth of coupons for FREE products, including those listed above. You can choose the flavor that appeals most to your particular child at your retailer of choice. You can also learn more about infant and toddler nutrition through their website, as well as their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. And, to ensure you don't miss new product updates and nutrition and allergy guides, join the Generation Happy community here.

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  1. Would love a chance to win some free snacks to try out with my picky guy!

  2. The pouches would be great to get veggies on my little guy, I'd love too try those!

  3. We love puffs in my house. We've had good experiences with the few happy baby products we have tried. Excited
    To hopefully win and try some


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