Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baseball Opening Ceremonies and Ava's First Game!

Baseball season started a couple weeks back, and it kicked off with a bang with the opening ceremonies. My in-laws drove up for the occasion and to see the kids, which made it extra special for Ava! We're so lucky to have them within driving distance for things like this! Here are some pictures from opening ceremonies, and also Ava's first game, which followed the ceremonies and made it so we spent FOUR HOURS at the fields that morning. She had a great time, though, and did great! 

Here's from their first game vs. the San Francisco Giants! We won 9-3, which totally made Ava's day, since it was her first foray into competitive sports, and she really still only understands them in terms of winning and losing. We're working on the whole, "It's not if you win, but how you play the game (and have fun!)" aspect of sports ;)

  And of course, the joys of being a baseball mom :)

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