Monday, May 17, 2010

Love Him.

David cracks me up.

Ava has been REFUSING to go to bed at night. I know that part of this is our fault since we don't put her down in her bassinet until she's asleep, and sometimes she wakes up and, truth be told, if I were her babysitter, I'd be horrified at how obnoxious this sleep ritual is (LOL), but I'm waiting to start the "set her down drowsy" thing until we move her into her crib because frankly, it hasn't worked, and I'm not comfortable letting her cry it out at this point. I'm a sap.

Anyhow, we were watching 24 earlier and in the midst of a tense and violent scene that came on while Ava was nursing to sleep, I looked up and said, "I wonder if THIS is why she doesn't want to go to sleep in our room until we're in there?!?"

I was mainly joking, but David is now covering her face with his hand every time anything happens that could be remotely upsetting.

I love him.


  1. Hehe.

    I got lucky with Marianne...she'd usually drink her bottle, pass out in my lap, I'd put her down, she'd fuss while she got settled and off she went.

    The times I had to leave her to CIO I would wind up Mr. Giraffe...and usually she'd listen to him and go to sleep.

    Later I'd sneak in and find her hugging him.


    Now most nights are CIO, because Marianne knows that when story is finished and I turn off the light I'm gonna walk out of the room, so she'll start crying beforehand.

    The longest I've had to let her cry is 20 minutes.

    It's hard, but it MUST BE DONE, or she will NEVER sleep by herself.

  2. Also, I don't know if this makes a difference...

    But I never let Marianne fall asleep with us in front of the TV, not that she would anyway, no matter how tired she is.

    If there's a TV on or we're talking or doing anything, she does not want to sleep, she wants to play. So when bedtime rolls around, I take her upstairs and we do the bedtime ritual, and if she needs a drink before bed, she gets that drink in Mommy or Daddy's lap in the rocking chair in her room.

    I've found it's a good way to associate bedtime as being an absolute...when it's time to sleep, there's no TV.

    I've also found, as a result, my kid will watch TV for an astounding 10 minutes tops. She's definitely not a TV kind of girl...she wants to be doing something all the time.


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