Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ava's First Trip to the Pool!

We took our first trip to the pool today for a friend's Memorial Day pool party! It was SO much fun! Seriously - what a great time! Ava loved the water, just like I knew she would. It definitely helped that it was a heated-ish pool, so it wasn't a big shock. When I initially put her in past her swim suit bottomns and her little tummy got wet, she gasped slightly, but after that, she quickly adjusted and had a great time. She didn't cry once! She just splashed and splashed while daddy helped her to "swim" around - she was smiling so big!

Happy baby!

She wouldn't keep her sunglasses on :(

Me & my favorite girl on my birthday!

All that swimming made for a tired baby!

After the pool party, we headed over to Santa Rita for dinner. Mommy loves her dairy-free, unbreaded chicken tacos and Mexican martinis with fresh-squeezed lime juice!!!!

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