Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Austin Children's Museum, The Sequel.

We recently went back to the Austin Children's Museum, and while I still think it's one of the single most chaotic places in the world and leave feeling insanely overstimulated, I also enjoy myself more every time, especially when I'm able to go just one-on-one with A - a rarity until recently!

Here are some pics:

Snack time:

She was fascinated by the balls going around and around:

Seriously, she could've watched them all day.

My little hoarder in the making

I love this shot!

Getting the hang of it!

It's a very hands-on place (thankfully!)

Is it just me, or is she nearly as tall as I am?

Getting a hug from her friend, Sofia!


  1. Looks like a blast!!!! Ava is so sweet :)

  2. Did you know it's free on Sundays from 4-5. Way chaotic but free!


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