Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potty Training.

Call me crazy (I may be saying the same thing about myself in the next few days!), but I'm thinking of starting potty training. In fact, we needed to get diapers this past weekend at the store, and so we opted for the 2T Pull-Ups instead. Some were on sale.

Why the rush?

First and foremost, I fully support taking cues from your own child about their personal readiness for certain things, and potty training is at the top of that list. You may remember that Ava has sat on the potty before bathtime many evenings and poo'd and tee-tee'd (i'm officially a mom with words like that!) on her Baby Bjorn potty. Now, it's gone a step further, with her pulling on my pj's the other night yelling, "I pooooooooooo! I pooooooooooo!". She really does NOT like the feeling of a messy diaper. She's done that several times, and one time, she started yelling it and I checked her diaper and found nothing. Two minutes later, she reeked, so I know she's starting to be able to preemptively know she has to go.

As such, we're fully stocked on a baby potty, a second one to take to work, pull-ups and a copy of "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day", which I still need to read before we can start. Add to that our Dora sticker and Hello Kitty stamp rewards system, and we're getting all set.

I may still change my mind, or feel things out and see if she's truly ready. Either way, we're definitely looking into it. Any tips are appreciated!


  1. We are definitely NOT ready for potty training yet. Riley never acknowledges that she has a dirty diaper. She'll literally sit in it until someone notices (which has turned us into frequent diaper checkers). We've got a baby potty that we put in the bathroom so she could get used to seeing it, but all she wants to do is take it apart and hand us the pieces. LOL. ::sigh:: Guess this will be revisited closer to the 2 year mark than I had hoped. Good luck and please post how it all goes. I will definitely need tips once we finally decide to try this out. :-)

  2. Presley tells me before she needs to "poo poo", also. She is definitely showing signs of readiness, but I'm dreading it. It's going to suck to have to stop for her to potty at places or on the road. However, not having to buy diapers will be pretty cool!
    I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'll have to check out that book.

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