Wednesday, May 1, 2013

14 Weeks: The First Trimester Didn't Kill Me!

I survived! And lest you think I'm being dramatic, the past fourteen weeks saw a stomach bug, a bout of strep that I'm still getting over, nonstop morning sickness that required twice daily zofran to get through, gallbladder issues, my normal crazed anxiety over miscarriage, all while working daily, trying to help A adjust to the idea of sharing mommy, and my husband working full-time and being in grad school full-time. So yes, I am actually somewhat surprised when I say that I have arrived at the second trimester in one piece!

Here's where we are as we start the second trimester:

How far along: 14 weeks

Net weight gain/loss: up 1.2 lbs - likely down from the past couple weeks due to being sick the past few days!

Maternity clothes: no, but was handed down a ton last Wednesday, and am almost excited (gasp!) to wear them!

Stretch marks: nope

Belly button: innie

Sleep: still could sleep all day, everyday. It's a wonder if I see 9 p.m. these days!

Baby movement: I still swear I'm feeling the baby move occasionally, but maybe I'm just insane?

Gender: Still rooting for girl #2, but basically accepted it's going to be a boy. We find out for sure 5/15!

Food cravings: pop-tarts. This baby isn't going to be my healthy eater, I can already tell!

Food aversions: so many things still. sigh.

What I miss: not feeling sick every. single. day.

Looking forward to: finding out the gender in two weeks! 

Best moment this week: Not having taken Zofran since Saturday night!

Milestones: Baby can now suck his or her thumb, though knowing my kiddos, they're already looking for a baba!

And a belly pic, if you can call it that at this point :)

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