Thursday, May 9, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

Ok, so technically Plug and Play doesn't close in the summer, but yesterday was A's last day of school for the summer, since the girls and I do such fun things during the hot summer days and I didn't want A to miss out on the fun! It was originally going to be this coming Wednesday, but we rescheduled our gender ultrasound for that morning, and I wanted her to be able to be there, so May 8th it was!

We had such a wonderful year at Plug & Play, and it was a great environment for Ava to really learn about school, the routines associated, and how to play well with others of different ages. She really learned and grew a lot!

Here's a picture of her from the first day of school, back in October:

And just a mere seven months later, she looks like a big, big girl! 

I can't wait to compare each year's before and after photo!

Also, if you're curious about Plug & Play, check them out in yesterday's Wall Street Journal

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