Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Little Sweet Potato: 18 Weeks!

First, a bump pic:

This is most definitely the last week these pants are going to button. Hopefully not for that long, though :) Forgive the hair, I desperately need an appointment, but don't have time for two more weeks!

Now for some stats:

How far along: 18 weeks

Net weight gain/loss:  up 5 lbs. Bleh.

Maternity clothes:  As you can see in the picture above, I'm wearing my regular pants and shirts. BUT, if we're being honest about what's comfy and not for vanity, maternity all the way! 

Stretch marks: nope

Belly button: still an innie 

Sleep:  still exhausted. Isn't there supposed to be a second trimester boost of energy?

Baby movement:  YES! And I am beginning to feel movement from the outside, but only if laying on my stomach and if my hands are between my belly and the mattress. No one else has been able to yet, but I let Ava try the other night, and while she was waiting, she leaned down and kissed my belly saying she was kissing baby brother so he'd move. AWW!

Gender: Boy!

Food cravings: Chewy Sprees. OMG. YUM.

Food aversions:  red meat, sugar, baby hates ice cream, bleh. One day I'll feel good again, right?

What I miss:  ice cream - lol. And not having to take Zofran. It's still a part of my routine, though more like once a week than twice a day like before, so that's something, right?

Looking forward to:  our 20-week ultrasound June 12th, and Ava and daddy feeling movement, too.

Best moment this week:  D's birthday was Monday, and mine is tomorrow! We also built a major boy wardrobe in different sizes by selling some of Ava's clothes to local children's resale shops and using store credit to fill his closet. Pretty nice to get baby clothes for free :)

Milestones:  baby is kicking up a storm

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  1. So glad you're starting to feel better! And I'm impressed with your accumulation of boys clothes already. Way to be on top of it! And it's great you were able to trade in Ava's clothes. I don't think the stores and sales here let you trade in items. I always just sell the outgrown items (hoping they actually do sell) and try not to spend more money on new stuff than I expect to make. I've definitely gotten better and usually end up making a little! :)


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