Wednesday, July 10, 2013

24 Weeks: Our Little Cantaloupe!

How far along: 24 weeks

Net weight gain/loss: up 14 lbs. KILL ME.

Maternity clothes:  unfortunately, since I have one pair of shorts I actually like, and the rest are kind of miserable.

Stretch marks: none yet, despite daily, panicked inspection.

Belly button:  thisclose to being an outie - I'd say by next week's post, this'll be a big yes!

Sleep: still could sleep at any given second, thanks to the Unisom I'm still taking nightly to control the nausea during the day. If I skip it, I still tend to sleep fine, but I usually end up barfing :(

Baby movement: yes - lots and strong!

Gender: 100% boy!

Food cravings: french toast sticks from Burger King (post-pregnant me is grossed out reading this...)

Food aversions: beef, sweets (should make the glucose test next month fun...), etc.

What I miss: not feeling like a whale

Looking forward to: making baby boy's bulletin like I did for A's room - we bought the bulletin and fabric last night! Still need to get the whales, though!

Best moment this week:  We painted the nursery gray, and then moved the nursery furniture in and placed the bedding in the crib. Now, we wait!

Milestones:  Baby is viable! It wouldn't be ideal for him to be born at this point, but he could survive with intense medical intervention. Woohoo!

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