Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nursery Sneak Peek!

Nothing is hung up, there are still pieces of debris from the conversion pieces of the crib that need to go back into storage, and we've still got some things to order/a baby shower to have, but here's a very rudimentary sneak peek at our nursery progress over the holiday weekend!

First, we painted (it's a light/medium gray, if it isn't obvious with the sunlight overtaking the picture!):

Then, we brought in the furniture (the crib, A's changing table and glider and a bookcase), and washed and assembled the bedding:

As you can see, and may remember from a previous post, we're doing a whale/nautical theme, and I've found some super duper adorable things on Etsy to go with it. LOVING how the paint color turned out!! 

I cannot wait until the room is entirely finished, and moreso, when we bring our son home to it! After I finished putting things together, I took a little break in the rocking chair with Roscoe (the stuffed dog) and moreso than I have the entire pregnancy, I felt really connected to my son. I could finally picture myself bringing him home and rocking him and talking to him in the middle of the night (which is actually laughable, seeing as how Ava never once slept in the crib...) while nursing him. For me, I really need concrete, visual things to make it feel real, and putting his nursery together has certainly done that for me!


  1. Love it! I was just stopping by to grab your email addy to invite you to Blended Conference in AZ this September, but couldn't find it. We'd love to have you join check out for all the details (fyi, early bird registration ends 7/15).

  2. Do you know the brand/color paint you used? It's very pretty! Does it have much a blue undertone to it? We have to select paint soon for the house we're building, and I'm collecting my favorite light gray colors!

    1. Yes! It's Behr - Planetary Silver. When we were painting it and it was still wet, it seemed like it would have a slight blue to it, but once it dried, it looked just like the gray color sample. In some of the nursery pictures I've taken since, our bedding seems to bring out the blue-ish in it, but it's still truly gray. I'm VERY happy with it!


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