Monday, June 16, 2014

Children's Day Art Park Returns!

One of our favorite activities each summer is Austin Symphony Orchestra's Children's Day Art Park, which takes place each Wednesday from now until August. This past Wednesday was the first of the season, featuring the Biscuit Brothers, and annual staples Bonzo Crunch: Fool at Large, Carl the Storyteller and more! We unfortunately missed the concert and pre-show fun because of a doctor's appointment for Jack (spoiler alert: no ear infection, just a fussy baby!), but it worked out perfectly because we arrived in time to skip the music and head straight to the face painting tents, beating out the rush and scoring a sticker for both face painting and a balloon animal! Suh-weet! That may be our new plan of attack for mornings we're rushed!

Check out the fun:

If you're wondering what a woman looks like after two hours in the sun, pushing a baby in a stroller uphill with a four-year-old on her back, see above. Oy.

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