Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jack: 8 Months Old!

Jack's 8 months old, y'all! 2/3 of the way to his first birthday! Holy. Moly.

In other news, he's doing some cool stuff, namely, pulling himself up and standing with support. In fact, though he's not physically capable yet, he wants so, so badly to walk, and gets so excited when he's standing! He's even attempting to cruise around a bit by reaching between the coffee table and the couch while standing and moving slowly down each. He can also now push himself into a sitting position from crawling, and can go from standing to sitting on his own. It'll be no time before he's walking, running, skipping...you name it! 

Here's my little snuggle bug on his eight month birthday:

The posed pics:

And then a dose of reality...

In case it's not obvious above, he's teething in a major way. Chewing. on. everything (and grouchy to boot!) C'mon already, teefers!

At eight months, Jack:
- weighs 18 lbs, 5 oz.
- is " long
- has two bottom teeth, as well as the beginnings of some on top
- still intolerant of milk protein in my milk, though seeming to react slightly less. WOOHOO!
- pulling up to standing, and standing with support
- still army crawling, flash lightning style
- wearing 6-9/6-12 mo. clothing
- such a mama's boy! Your face lights up anytime I come into the room or come towards you with my arms out to hold you, and you've started to put your arms up to be held. So adorable!!! I love my mama's boy!
- are starting to do some rudimentary signing and communicating, particularly "all done" during mealtimes.
- are still breastfed only, though you eat a bit of solids at breakfast and dinner. Though I try to give you baby food sometimes, you much prefer to feed yourself, and we do a majority of baby-led weaning style of solids introduction, giving you all sorts of little nibbles from our plate. Some of your current items include tomatoes, french bread, turkey, ham, watermelon (one of your favorites!), bananas, strawberries, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, toast, rice, bakes beans, black beans, pulled pork, and more! You're a great little eater!
- You nurse on demand still, which is still often during the day, and once to twice at night. 
- You sleep curled up on your left side next to me, nursing when you need and usually with your body touching mine. You're so sweet and snuggly.

I love you so much, baby boy! I can't wait to see what this month will bring!

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