Friday, June 6, 2014

Hiking at Walnut Creek Park!

We've discovered a new outdoor activity that we can enjoy as a family, all thanks to my local babywearing group: hiking!

This past week, we were invited to join some fellow babywearers for a hike around the nature trails at nearby Walnut Creek park, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I reluctantly agreed. You see, I'm a bit of a city gal myself. I liked nature and all that jazz as a child, but it's been a good twenty years since I've camped. And, aside from wandering around the woods like the lonely only child I was, this was my first official hike. I may have googled, "what to take while hiking" - no joke. Anyhow, in the spirit of the summer and our transition to staying at home (and as a result, me having to be increasingly creative with free things we can do...), I said yes and laced up my tennis shoes, and off to Walnut Creek Park we went.

I wasn't sure what to expect with Ava. She can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to walking for long periods of time, but she surely wouldn't accept a stroller ride, not that the trails were appropriate for that. Anyhow, I was worried she'd need a bit of coaxing, so at the suggestion of my friend that went with us, packed a large ziploc, a notebook and a pen that she could write down observations and keep specials leaves, rocks, etc. in case she got bored. Luckily, she did GREAT! She took to hiking really well, despite the heat and long walk. I'm assuming a good deal of this had to do with the creek we came upon during our hike and the dogs that joined us (she's a little animal lover!), but either way, I was thankful. She refrained from any complaints and was a trooper, even if she did keep calling it "camping" instead - LOL. Jack was also a trooper, rotating between wide awake but silent with interest, taking it all in, and fast asleep in a back carry.

Here are some photos from our hike:

Can you believe that this gorgeous gem is in a major metropolitan area? I was shocked by how native the land was! I think we may try to make this a regular thing, though maybe opt for a shadier trail next time, as it's getting hot hot hot here in Texas! Any locals have any suggestions of great, family-friendly trails?

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