Thursday, July 7, 2011

18 Months!

Yeah, I'm running a bit behind schedule ;)

So, Ava turned 18 months last Tuesday, an age I've been super looking forward to! Not that the rest of the months and milestones haven't been wonderful, but when I've nannied, I've found that 18 mos - 3 yrs is such an amazing age. They're getting increasingly verbal and interactive, and they start to engage in pretend play, which is one of my favorites.

Anyhow, we had A's 18 month appointment Tuesday morning, and all is well. And by well, I mean aside from the fact that she screamed through the entire appointment. For as chill a kid as Ava is, she goes rogue at the doctor, I tell ya. In fact, as soon as we crossed the threshold of the building and the automatic doors slid open, she hightailed back towards the car - haha!

Here are her 18 month stats:
33.5" tall (90%)
26 lbs. (50-75%)

Tall and lean, that's my lady! Unfortunately, she had to get five vaccinations (three actual pricks), and that didn't go over too well, especially seeing as how she was already giving Dr. H the point-at-the-door-and-say-bye-bye routine. Aww, like I said. Such a cute age.

Also, A's vocab has exploded. She can say upwards of 60 words, including "octopus" and "hippo" (wth? she won't say dog or cat - she makes the noises instead - but she'll say oc-pus on a regular basis?!) She also says "thank you" and "welcome" regularly, including to Dr. H when he gave her her post-vaccine balloon and sticker. She may have been telling him to get the f out of the office, but she darn sure was going to thank him like a little lady for her treats.

Hmm...what else? She can jump with both feet off the ground, and likes to pull some dance moves out, ballet style, like balancing with her hands on the table and standing with one leg behind her. She can also somersault completely on her own, and walk across a thick balance beam without holding hands! Such a little gymnast :)

Happy 18 months, my love! I adore you beyond words, and have never found anything in my life as fulfilling and worthwhile as being your mother. I love you, baby bear.


  1. Happy 18 months, Ava!!! This is really the best age!!
    And Happy belated 4th! Glad you all had a wonderful day!


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