Sunday, July 24, 2011


There has been an incident in my area involving a breastfeeding mother being shamed and told she had to stop nursing her baby in a public place. I could tell you all about it, but seeing as how my post would reek of my own rage and personal bias over the incident, why not go check out what went down here.

Anyone else in Austin interested in a nurse-in? If you're not, would you be willing to send in a letter? Kim gives many great addresses and suggestions for doing so in her post.

Let's please help to educate those who are of small enough mind to still think of breastfeeding as disgraceful.


  1. I'll be mailing a letter or two. That's just disgusting. She had every legal (and in my mind, moral as well... she's doing what is BEST for her baby and child) right to be there. It's pitiful what excuses people will come up with to deter people from breastfeeding just because they themselves aren't familiar with how wonderful and natural the process is. For a company like the YMCA (who prides themselves on being a family friendly business)to condone behavior like this is outrageous. I wish I was there to do a nurse-in with you guys, I would totally be there! Good for her for sticking up for herself and children, and encouraging other mothers in the process. I hope something great comes of this.

  2. Grrr!!

    This same thing happened in DC a few months ago. A woman was (discreetly) breastfeeding her child in a Smithsonian museum and was asked to "do that in the bathroom". I would have been so embarrassed and probably would have just left. That's my shy outside personality, but inside I would have been seething. I really admire the self-asserted response this woman had! Hopefully I'll do the same if ever questioned in that way!

  3. I have to be the one person who disagrees with this.

    I won't post the rest of my comments, but let me just say the arrogance this lady displayed about breastfeeding her child is astounding.

  4. I also have to disagree. She displayed a "holier than thou" attitude about the whole situation. I do not think breastfeeding is shameful or something to be disgusted with; however, for her to make it seem she's a better mother because she breastfeeds IS disgusting.

    Furthermore, what makes her think she can break any rules. If I had my toddler sitting on my lap while my feet were in the pool and he was eating a snack, they would make me move to the designated eating area. Why does she think she's above following the rules.

    HIV and many other diseases are passed though breastmilk that are not passedthrough urine, vomit, or even poop. Not to say that her milk is contaminating, but I believe that's the point they were trying to make.

    Should they have approached her differently? YES absolutely; however, she should have also reacted differently.


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