Saturday, July 2, 2011

Before I'm Thirty...

Not to go stealing everyone else's thunder when it comes to the whole bucket list idea, but I've decided to do a pre-30 bucket list. I haven't drafted it in its entirety, or even at all yet really, but one thing I've always wanted to do is be a decent gardener. I'm not all obsessed with my food being local (unless you're talking about eating at local restaurants - that I appear to have down pat!) or anything, but at the same time, there is a certain fulfillment that comes with having nurtured something from seedling to table. Then again, I've carried a baby to term and nurtured her for six months with my body exclusively, so a cantaloupe is small potatoes next to that!

Anyhow, I think I can officially cross the "grow a productive garden" off my list:

Tomatoes (many varieties, including cherry):

Banana Peppers:

Serrano Peppers (my fave!):



Basil (Genovese):


  1. I like the idea of a bucket list before you're a certain age. It seems less morbid! :) I can't wait until I am able to plant an actual garden,; we live in a townhouse and are restricted to planters. Everything looks awesome, keep up the good work!

  2. NICE!!!!! I need to work on that... more like not killing something that I try to plant. :) Your garden looks awesome!!! Props! Green thumb you are!


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