Friday, July 1, 2011

Umlauf Sculpture Garden.

If it seems lately that I'm a tourist in my own city, I am! The summer has always presented a challenge in my profession, as the kids are out of school and it is hot, hot, HOT! As such, I've taken to trying to come up with ideas by pretending more or less that I'm a tourist in this great city, and taking advantage of all that it has to offer - things that I normally dismiss or overlook the way that native Manhattanites don't haul themselves to the Empire State Building.

After visiting the Botanical Gardens the other day, I decided to head to the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens this week as well, and I am so glad that I did. Not only are they free for children and just $3.50 for regular admission, they're amazing. Imagine combining a sculpture museum with the gorgeous outdoors in Austin and the ability to climb on and touch the actual art, and you've got the Umlauf. Actually, don't imagine! Here are some pics of our fun!

The lovers:

Ava practicing her amazing balance on the rocks:

The Rhino:

Ava loved being able to touch and climb on them:

The Baby:

This was my absolute favorite, entitled, "The Family":

Not entirely sure what this one was, but loved it just the same:

Second favorite, entitled, "The Kiss"

Afterwards, we decided to go have a quick picnic at Butler Park downtown, and Ava ran around (fully clothed - ha! oops...) in the Liz Carpenter Fountains. I LOVE AUSTIN!

How do you enjoy your city through the eyes of a tourist? If you live in Austin, what are some places I need to check out next?!


  1. The Unlauf looks absolutely beautiful! We'll have to make a trip there one day!

    I love that y'all are getting out and enjoying the sun, and the girls look like they're having so much fun!

  2. Also? I swear I typed Umlauf, not Unlauf!

    Hope y'all have an amazing hoiday weekend!

  3. Very cool outing- we'll have to copy! I always feel like a tourist here in Austin b.c we moved here to the burbs with kids and never fully explored. We love outings like this one, and will try it for sure. Another suggestion my kids loved- Mayfield Park- pretty flowers and peacocks you can feed. You've got to love Austin!

  4. I love being a tourist in my city! Last year was my first year doing that, since I started when Adelle was born, and it was awesome! You look at things in a whole new light when you have a child, and while you might have seen things, they haven't. The same as tourists! I can't wait until school is done this summer to start our adventures again!!


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