Sunday, June 9, 2013

Halfway There!

As of today, I am halfway through this pregnancy! Like I said on Facebook, though, the first person to say, "Wow! It's just flying by!" is getting punched in the face. Unless it's one of you. Because I love you guys. But seriously, it kills me when people say that. Um, yes, I'm sure the past nearly five months have flown by for you, seeing as how you haven't spent everyday vomiting, your tailbone doesn't feel like it has been relocated, you sleep however you want and you can eat whatever you please without someone inside you throwing a fit, and you don't look like you have terrible style and an out of control beer gut! Anyways, just don't say it :P

Anywho, halfway there! Cheers to that! May the next 19.5 weeks  (feel free to come a couple weeks early, son!) be significantly easier and quicker than the last 19.5!

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