Friday, June 14, 2013

Phone Dump Friday Returns.

I've been in major nesting mode lately, that is when I'm not retching or falling asleep, and that extended to my computer the other day. Having realized I have a ton of pictures that I take on my phone but that then get stored in iPhoto without any further attention, I thought it was time for the return of Phone Dump Friday! 

Here's the first installation:

Lest you think she only play with girly toys, here's proof she's well-rounded:

And also, she's quite the little athlete. Just in a dress :)

She's also quite the little roller skater these days, inside and out!

For everyone keeps telling me I'll love having a mama's boy so much, I think I know a thing or two about having a kiddo that wants me near them at all times. This is honestly how she sleeps.

Sunny summer days!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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