Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Texas SB5 (Or, Alternatively Titled, The Attack on Women's Rights in Texas).

Oooh, ladies. If you're not a fellow Texan, you've still probably heart about SB5, which is being heard currently in the Texas Legislature's Special session. If not, though, let me fill you in on the very basics: Governor Rick Perry, abomination that he is, wants to close all but FIVE abortion clinics in the (quite vast and populated) state of Texas.

Now, I'm a mother. A currently pregnant mother. A mother who once faced an unplanned pregnancy and chose to keep the baby. And I love babies and motherhood and families and all that jazz. But I firmly believe that no one should ever be forced against their will into parenthood OR pregnancy. For some people, adoption is a great answer to an unplanned pregnancy. For others, abortion is the right answer for them. It may not have been the answer for me at that time, but believe me folks, had I been in a different place, or five years younger, or with someone other than my now husband, it very well may have been. That's not important. What is important is that I was allowed a choice. I was able to consider all the options, and figure out what was best for me. That's MY choice, NOT Rick Perry's. And as someone who is currently 22 weeks pregnant and still throwing up on a regular basis, I will attest to the fact that pregnancy can be an extremely difficult and negative time, and should not be forced upon anyone.

As a mother, I hope that Ava never finds herself in a situation where she has to choose, mainly because I know the heartbreak and emotional toll it means to be faced with such a choice. But if she does? I fully support her right to choose whatever SHE wants, whatever is best for HER, without anyone else getting involved and trying to tell her what she can and cannot do with HER body. I would take her, and hold her hand, and in the same way that I thank God every time I drive by the clinic that I chose to keep the baby that turned out to be Ava, I'd be thankful every day that she was able to have that choice, legally.


  1. YES. Add the DOMA decision, and it's been a pretty great week!


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