Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ava's First Pumpkin Patch - St. John's Methodist Church

Yesterday, Ava and I met up with my moms group at a local pumpkin patch. It's a small one, but great just the same, and the pumpkins are so reasonably priced. We had a fantastic time :)

"Mommy, this hay is itchy!"

Being generally precious:

And again with the preciousness:

Ava and Hudson:

This girl has had more admirers in her short lifetime than I have in my long lifetime:

Some of A's friends from our moms group :D

What a big girl!


"What are these and can I eat them?"

"I choose this one, mommy!"


  1. Oh my gosh! Adorable! I can't wait to take Ethan to a pumpkin patch next weekend!

    I need to find a Mom's group! I only have one friend up I met through BBC actualy...but it would be nice to join some outings of a mom's group! I guess it would help me get to know people other than just my in laws! lol.

    p.s.Totally love the name Hudson! I would have used it but my friend with quadruplets that I worked for has a we decided against it. When I saw it i went "AWW" lol.
    CUTE dress too, by the way!

  2. Love that dress!! And she is so cute with those little pumpkins. I'm taking Jack to the pumpkin patch next weekend with my mom's group. I hope we can get a pic of all the babies!

  3. I think I commented on FB already but Ava is adorable!!! Precious is right!!! I think we will have to try to get an actual trip to a 'pumpkin patch' of sorts when Daddy P returns from Bowhunt Camp. :sigh:

  4. Babies in pumpkin patches are too cute. I need to take Asher before the season slips past! I LOVE her little dress. Man, I need a girl someday. Haha! :o)

  5. She is too cute. I love it. Pumpkins + Pumpkins :O)


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