Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of Ava.

Playing with her toys:

Yep, I let her watch some Dora that particular morning so I could eat breakfast without her mooching...bad mama!

Just looking cute:

What happens if I look away for 30 seconds - that's stair five :(

At the bounce house/baby gym:

Loves this ball they have:

Ava's first library storytime:


  1. Don't feel bad about plunking her down in front of the tv for a few minutes. I've had to do it myself a few times even though she really doesn't pay much attention to it. The only show that has ever held her interest was Special Agent OSO, but she's over it now. haha. I have to put her in her feeding table and give her like 10 toys to choose from before I get a minute or two to myself. If I don't hurry, she's chunked them all to the floor and started whimpering to get out. haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ava's headband by the way!

  2. A is SO adorable. Her sweet cheeks make me smile every time! I wish I was a baby again.... it's a pretty sick gig. :)

    I also have given in to the TV a little bit... to try to keep his attention while I'm trimming his nails. This morning he watched a little "Cat in the Hat" ... which held his attention much better than Gossip Girl. LOL

  3. Stopping by and following from Follow Me Chickadee!

  4. What a life! I'm pretty sure Jack has that same ball, but in yellow. He loves chasing after it!

    I thought you posted that you guys put up baby gates? Jack has started exploring more and I can't leave him for any amount of time. If I have to go to the bathroom or get his bag ready in the morning, I put him in the pack n' play. Thank goodness for it! At night I put him in the kitchen in his high chair with finger foods, and that keeps him occupied while I'm doing dishes, etc. I don't know what I'll do if he starts having a problem being in either place! They're my lifesavers right now!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a life! Babies have it so good. :o) I can't wait to take Asher to a story time at the library - fun!

  6. ahhh she is sooo cute!!! SOmetimes mama needs to have 5 minutes to herself- tv every now and then won't ruin her.



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