Monday, January 21, 2013

Swim Lessons at AquaTots!

I love a good Groupon, but never more so than when it manages to be both a.) for Ava, and b.) something I had on my "to buy" list anyway, therefore saving me money rather than making me spend extra money! That's why, when my inbox pinged and I saw a Groupon for savings on local swim lessons, I just knew it was fated that I enroll Ava ASAP.

Some of you may remember our pool incident from late last summer. Since, teaching her to swim with the same level of skill as she has confidence has become priority number one, especially given the amount of time we spend at the pool over the summer (a season that technically should start around March in Texas...).

Enter AquaTots Swim School.

We purchased four lessons per the Groupon's specifications, and so far we've completed three of them. I was uncertain how she'd react since I don't go in the water with her, but we talked it up, bought her a new swimsuit, and she took to it like, well, a fish to water! She absolutely loves the mornings we go to swim lessons, and looks forward to it all week long!

As for the school itself, I'm so impressed with the set up and facility. I've accompanied children to swim lessons as Westwood Country Club, obviously quite a nice place, as well as at Crenshaw's (great indoor pool but little viewing area for parents), and I would say that I prefer AquaTots to both! Aside from the indoor, heated pool, the entire facility is dedicated to the large pool (for older swim lessons where children don't have parents with them, aka ours), a baby pool for infants and parents to take lessons, and the locker room, with a little display of things they use in lessons that you can buy for at-home use. As such, there are a number of things that make AquaTots a stellar facility for children's swim lessons. On of my favorite - and the only reason I can sneak in some decent pictures! - is that parents sit in comfy chairs on the other side of an all-glass wall. Pretty awesome! I have a full view of what she's learning and am able to lend an extra eye, and she feels like I'm an active part without me having to throw a swimsuit on in public - win, win!

And for only three lessons, she's learned a ton. They've done simple things, like "monkey walk" alongside the pool wall and climb out on their own using elbow-elbow-tummy, and they've done things like supergirl arms to get her comfortable with elementary swim skills and starfish floating. So far, I'm impressed!

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  1. We have an aqua tots that just opened by us. My Mom has someone that comes to her pool to give P lessons, but since we live so far away she doesn't get very many. I'm thinking about doing aqua tots for the in between times.
    Ava looks incredibly tall and super adorable, by the way!!!


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