Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Little Comedienne.

Ava has been doing some pretty hilarious things lately.

First and foremost, she's really starting to talk (YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! More on this tomorrow..), and she specializes in some new animal noises. One such animal noise comes when you ask what a rooster says, to which she responds - loudly and enthusiastically - "COCK!", repeating it over and over for hours. It's gotten us some interesting stares lately! We're working on the "-a-doodle-doo!" part ;)

She's also taken up an interest with the word "Toots!". I blame my hysterical giggles whenever she lets one rip and I happily declare "toots!". Oops. Didn't think that one through!

The best, though?

The other night, I took the clothes out of the dryer (finally - it has been a couple days since I dried them...oops!) to fold while David gave her a bath. When she came running out of the bathroom for her post-bath streak through the upstairs living area, she decided to help me start folding the clothes and ran right over and stood on top of the heap...and peed! HAHA! I died laughing :)


  1. I never knew what a soft-spot I had for minihumans with personality. Until I had my own.

    Ava's The Awesome.

    I do my best to NOT swear around Jocelyn. Eddie doesn't try as hard. Because he's a jackass.


    The other day he was leaving and when he got to the door he said 'Bye, love you!'. J was standing at the baby gate looking at him and said (in this angelic little baby voice) 'Fuhh Q!'. He was just like 'WHAT? Oh. Thanks.'

    Bang. Dead.


    PS. Don't make me laugh too hard. I...pee. : O

  2. Those are some funny things. :) Aren't they so entertaining? It's hard to keep a straight face with them sometimes!


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