Friday, November 29, 2013

Jack's First Smiles!

As a reason to be extra thankful yesterday, Jack decided to show us his first little grins at exactly five weeks yesterday:

Now THAT little face I'm thankful for :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jack: One Month Old.

Wow, how time flies! I swear this past month has gone by as fast as a day of my pregnancy did - isn't that how it always feels when you're awaiting something awesome?! 

Jack turned one month old yesterday, and had his one month well check this morning. As for his stats, he's a tiny baby, at least compared to my off-the-charts big girl! At one month, Jack weighs in at 9 lbs, 5 oz., and is 21 1/4 inches long, putting him in the 37th and 36th percentiles, respectively. His head is even smaller, measuring in at 36.5 cm and in the 16th percentile! Ava was smallish too, though, in the first few months, so he may still start getting higher in the percentages! 

As for how things are going around our house and adjusting to life with Jackson, well, let's just say he's been a more challenging baby so far than Ava was. While Ava was admittedly a terrible sleeper, Jack is a bit of a screamer. Coupled with reflux and the fact that he spits up every single time he eats, and we're talking about the dreaded "C" word: colic. I don't know how you parents out there that have colicky babies do it, let alone how you had more if your first was colicky. Oy vey. This past Wednesday, he screamed for six straight hours, making for one very exasperated mama! And, since he's still nursing every couple hours - max - there's really no respite from the crying. Thankfully, at this age he sleeps better than Ava, usually waking up at 1:30 and 4:30 and then 5:30, etc, so I get at least one good three-hour stretch usually, but not always. Sad when that's considered good, but since that's the only time he doesn't cry inconsolably, I don't dread the night the way I did with Ava, except for my constant fear of SIDS and other things out of my control.  If anyone has any tips for colicky babies, I'm open to hearing them. So far we've tried Colic Calm, gas drops, Gripe Water, block feeding, stretching out nursing periods, keeping him upright for 45 minutes after feedings, wearing him, swaddling, shushing - you name it! I did attend my very first Babywearing meeting this past Friday, and was shown by a saint of a woman how to use my Maya Ring Sling. It certainly provides another activity to try when he's crying, but it doesn't always work. When it does, though, it does and he gets some much needed sleep, and I get a much needed break from a hysterical baby. I'm really glad he's my second, since I have perspective that this period is short and will eventually end that I didn't have when I had Ava.

We've also put Jack on Prevacid since he has some moderate to severe reflux, but unfortunately it hasn't helped much. It isn't hurting, though, so we're keeping him on it in the hopes that it'll help a bit until his digestive system has had some time to mature. He had an ultrasound at two weeks for pyloric stenosis, but are repeating it Wednesday since he is still showing signs and projectile vomiting, and sometimes it takes four weeks to show up on ultrasound. Wish us luck, since surgery is not something I want to have my one-month-old go through. Fingers crossed it isn't anything serious!

On the more positive side, Jack is having longer periods of quiet awake time, where he looks around quietly and isn't screaming hysterically, and he's so adorable when he does. He's particularly interested in fans, overhead lights and skylights (I've seriously considered blowing some holes in our roof at this point….), although his absolute favorite thing is being on his changing pad in his room. He hates diaper changes, but he loves to just lay in there and look at his bulletin board, complete with pictures Ava has made for him. So sweet! He also likes his bouncer and I can occasionally get him to stay asleep in it so I can get some things done. If not, though, the Beco and the Ring Sling are a huge help! He also seems to sleep better when we're out - the louder the place, the better - so we try to use that as a way to help him take regular naps and get things accomplished! I guess he got used to the chaos while I was pregnant!
As for Ava, she's an AMAZING big sister. She's so cute with him, and instead of deciding she doesn't like him because of the crying, she instead is extremely empathetic, saying things like, "It's ok, sweet baby. It's ok, Jack Jack!" in her best baby talk voice - so, so cute! I'm so in love with her as a big sister. And Jack adores her also - he looks for her when he hears her voice and stares at her frequently!

Wow - this ended up being a way longer post than I had originally planned. As a thank you for actually bothering to read any of this mumbo jumbo and for any feedback you can offer on colicky babies (even if it's just to say that it gets better! Please tell me it does!?), here's an onslaught of pictures of his first month:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Jack's First Few Weeks!

Since I clearly suck at blogging on a regular basis, I'll just show you some cutie pie baby pictures to make up for it. Cool?

"Mom, you're embarrassing me!"

The thinker.

Mommy's Little Yogi 


Learning to keep his paci in! YAY! 

Wide awake! 

Happy Movember! 

Sweet sleepy smiles! 

3 weeks today, and I'm holding my head WAY up! 

Jack Jack loves walks! 

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