Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wordless (Tuesday): Mi Artiste!

I've taken to moving Wordless Wednesday to Tuesday, since my pregnancy updates fall on Wednesdays, so that's what that's about :)

Here are some drawings Ava made entirely on her own yesterday, leaving me one impressed mama :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ava's Going to Preschool!

This week, we celebrated a big milestone: I registered Ava for preschool for the fall!

As you may remember, she's been going to Plug & Play one morning a week since October, when they started their flex preschool offerings, and she's LOVED it. Seriously, she loves going to "school". But she's one of the oldest in her room, and knowing that she's so into the academic portion of things and that she's a pretty advanced kid, I wanted to capitalize on her interest and get her started in a day school program.

I will say, I felt REALLY overwhelmed initially. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of preschool options out there, and trying to find the right one that fit with our needs, my schedule, and the preschool locale of one of the kiddos that I watch seemed downright impossible! So I did what any mom with some sense would do, and polled the moms in my mom's group. Sure, you can read the offhand reviews available or "testimonial" section of a preschool page, but to me, the absolute best place to hear about the ins and outs - and especially if a parent knows of a negative experience - is through word of mouth, am I right? Anyhow, my mom's group did NOT fail me, and after some extensive research, numerous emails, and a pretty ridiculous pro/con list, we found the perfect school for Ava.

I don't want to disclose the name of the school (though if we're friends "in real life" I'm happy to recommend them based on our experience thus far and others' recommendations! - just message me), but I will say that it is church-based (which appealed to us - the potential to expand her knowledge of and comfort level with God through chapel seemed ideal, though I know it's not for everyone), very small class sizes, and their playground is absolutely amazing. Lots of shade (which you'll know if you've been a reader for a while that Ava is extremely heat sensitive), lots of room to run out some energy and swings and slides galore! Woohoo! Another big plus, and this may just me being a crazy mother, is that they put on twice yearly "shows", with a Christmas Pageant and Spring show. I'm already excited to attend! I seriously cannot wait for her to start!

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, they have a drop-off and pick-up line! I don't even have to drag myself (and my newborn) out of the car - SOLD!

The best part, however, is how excited Ava is to go! We drive by the school routinely, and she always asks, "Is this the day I go to school?" How we're going to make it for another four months I don't know, but we can't wait!

Now, for some school shopping... :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13 Weeks: Our Little Peach!

How far along: 13 weeks
Net weight gain/loss: 2ish pounds
Maternity clothes: No, but I did dig them out and wash them all this week for future use!
Stretch marks: no
Belly button: still innie
Sleep: all day, every day if it were possible!
Baby movement: I've been swearing I feel flutters, but it seems impossible so early on, so maybe my tummy is just going nuts!
Gender: finding out 5/17, though the tech seemed to think boy at my NT scan.
Food cravings: strawberries, grapes, and lots of fresh fruit - same as with Ava. And still, Gardetto's! YUM! And comfort food - roast chicken and mashed potatoes - yes please!
Food aversions: red meat, sugar, some veggies - and more from day to day :(
What I miss: watching the scale go down, or at least remain the same!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of the baby! 
Best moment this week: I went four full days without Zofran! MIRACLE. Still experiencing some sickness at night, but usually can get through it, or can get to bed and sleep it off. That being said, I still needed it three days, so not through it yet, but increasingly hopeful I'll eventually be able to be Zofran-free!
Milestones: Most importantly, we heard back from our doctor with the NT blood work results, and we are at no increased risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality! WOOHOO!!! Great news :)

Also, with Ava, I had some intense tailbone pain and mild sciatica. Unfortunately, both seem to be back, though mild so far. Hoping this isn't a sign of things to come, though my doctor did warn me at my appointment last week that subsequent pregnancies get increasingly uncomfortable. No one, of course, tells you that before you get pregnant each time :P

And now, my 13-week belly pic:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

You Know You're Getting Old When...

This one made me laugh :) In case inquiring minds were wondering, yes, this one was "on purpose".

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nuchal Scan and 12-Week Ultrasound Pics!

This morning, we had our NT scan - a scan to assess indicator's for Down's Syndrome, notably the nasal bone and the nuchal fold measurement. Thankfully, it went great! Nasal bone was present, and the nuchal thickness was 1.3, which the tech said was thin and a great number. Waiting for bloodwork confirmation next week, but I feel confident with the results!

The NT scan is always a no-brainer for me because a.) I like to be informed, and b.) it's an extra ultrasound and chance to see my little one! Yes, please! It always shocks me how much they change from the first ultrasound to the 12-week ultrasound. Check it out:

30 days ago:

And then this morning:

Holy baby! Aww, look at its cute little feet! Such cute pictures. Now, for those of you who subscribe to the whole nub theory, guess away!

12 Weeks: Our Little Plum!

How far along: 12 weeks
Net weight gain/loss: 2 pounds
Maternity clothes: No, though my pants are noticeably less comfortable the further into the day we get...
Stretch marks: no
Belly button: still innie
Sleep: all day, every day if it were possible!
Baby movement: not just yet
Gender: finding out 5/17, though hoping to get a sneak peek into the nub theory at my NT scan this morning!
Food cravings: strawberries, grapes, and lots of fresh fruit - same as with Ava. And still, Gardetto's! YUM!
Food aversions: red meat, sugar, some veggies - and more from day to day :(
What I miss: watching the scale go down, or at least remain the same!
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of the baby! 
Best moment this week: There was one day this week I was able to go without Zofran!!! That's a FIRST. It gave me hope I may eventually feel better!
Milestones: NT Scan this morning - ultrasound pics and other such news to come later!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Day at the Round Rock Express!

Last weekend, we were fortunate to be able to take part in Family Day at the Dell Diamond, home to the magnificent Round Rock Express baseball team! Ava had yet to experience a baseball game, so we were very excited that her first would be spent in the most kid-friendly of environments, and in the pool and spa area with food to boot! I mean, WOW! I'm not sure which member of my family was most looking forward to it!

Our arrival at the Dell Diamond:

We were there to meet a group of local bloggers to watch the game together and get to know one another's families, but before we found our friends, we just had to get a picture of A with home plate in the background:
(The lighting was bad for this one, but her face was too cute and excited not to share!)

After a very preliminary explanation of what was going on down on the field, we headed over to the private pool and spa party area to chow down and watch the game in style!

 We also took the opportunity to arrange a quick meeting with Spike, the Round Rock Express's awesome mascot, which Ava thought was the most amazing part hands down!

The best part for me? Having a chance to hang out with some lovely ladies, while spending some quality time with my family as well :)

Thank you so much to the Round Rock Express for hosting us for this fantastic day of family fun!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

11 Weeks: Our Little Lime!

I've taken a page out of Emily's book and decided to do a weekly pregnancy update with the same type of questions and fruit comparison to keep track of how this final pregnancy goes! And yes, FINAL. NEVER doing this again. Two and through, am I right?!

How far along: 11 weeks
Net weight gain/loss: 1.2 pounds. 
Maternity clothes: No, though my pants are noticeably less comfortable the further into the day we get...
Stretch marks: no
Belly button: still innie
Sleep: up between 2 and 5 (!!!) times a night to use the bathroom, which is obnoxious. Otherwise, EXHAUSTED.
Baby movement: not just yet
Gender: finding out 5/17. With A, I KNEW in my heart it was a girl. This time, I'm not sure. Thinking maybe boy, but PRAYING for a girl!!!!
Food cravings: Gardetto's snack mix and cheddar garlic biscuits. And sprite. Those are basically the only three things I can eat.
Food aversions: Everything else. Even thinking of food makes me sick. Going to the grocery store makes me extremely nauseated.
What I miss: feeling good :( I seriously am starting to think I'll never feel well again!
Looking forward to: October 23! And hopefully starting to feel better as the first trimester ends in a couple of weeks!
Best moment this week: our Facebook and blog announcement about the new baby, featuring big sister Ava, of course!
Milestones: Getting ready for our NT scan next Weds!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby #2: The First Ten Weeks!

This seemed like a fitting time to announce that we're expecting our second baby because a.) today is our first anniversary, and b.) I announced it with Ava right around this same point and started blogging!

In response to the questions I've gotten so far, I feel AWFUL. Simply wretched. With A, I had an easy-peasy pregnancy that I complained about just the same, but oh my Lord, I was not prepared for this when we decided it was time to add to the family. I am sick all day, all night, frequently waking up in the middle of the night sick. Everything puts me off, every smell makes me nauseated - I basically feel like I have the flu constantly. I was most worried about the exhaustion, given the hours I work and the amount of children I watch, but the exhaustion has nothing thus far on the nausea. Prescription Zofran, B6, ginger - you name it, we tried it. Nothing helped. Zofran didn't even touch the nausea, and gave me horrible headaches. The only thing that worked at all was unisom at night, since the active ingredient interferes with your body's reaction to nausea, but the fatigue was made much worse. Despite that, I'd take fatigue over all day sickness anytime!!!! Even the carpet powder I sometimes vacuum makes me sick (learned that one the hard way). The only thing I can consistently have is Pineapple-Orange-Banana juice. Hoping the citrus-y cravings mean it's another girl - I had the same love of that juice while pregnant with Ava, despite my general lack of sickness.

As for our due date, we're due 10/30 - another holiday baby - but since I'll have a repeat cesarean (VBACs are great for those interested in pursuing them, just don't count me amongst them...), he/she will likely be born 10/23. Whew. Once we hit the 37 week mark (in a long, lonnnnngggg time), it's the sooner, the better for me.

Ava is SO excited! David advised me we should keep it a secret for a while, but then he went to work the morning we found out, and I blabbed the second the door closed. I'm AWFUL at keeping my own secrets. How I've kept this from y'all for seven weeks is a mystery! Anyhow, I was just so excited that I had to tell her - and she's been talking about the baby ever since. She insists it is a baby sister (hopefully she has a sixth sense), and is already plotting to teach her to play tag and share her books with her. She's asked me about the baby weekly since we found out, and even sometimes shared that she feels nervous about having to share. We're trying to talk through her fears the best we can - having a sibling surely is a transition, but such a wonderful addition to the family and a friend for her for life, and we're focusing on those things and trying to prepare her to help.

Anyhow, we're so excited! Here's a couple comparison belly shots to document the big news:

The day we found out:

6 weeks:

9 weeks:

So far, not too much of a belly, though I feel gross and super bloated all the time. I feel like I've put on a trillion pounds, even though I've only put on one or two. Despite the all day sickness, I tend to snack on a lot of carbs to settle my stomach, so that is unfortunately keeping weight on :(

Even though this pregnancy has been challenging so far, we're so, so excited to be welcoming another baby into our hearts and family! Stay tuned for the big gender reveal May 17th - I can hardly wait!!! 
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