Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family Photos: Winter/Spring 2014.

Y'ALL. I showed a quick preview a while back from the family photos we had taken at the beginning of this month by the talented (and uber gorgeous!) Emily of Emily and M Photography. Well, I got them all back yesterday, and I am so stinkin' happy with how these turned out! Be prepared for an onslaught of photos, folks. I am having such a hard time narrowing it down to my twenty most favorite (yes, you read that right. twenty.), so really, bear with me here...

Ready? Set? Go!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prayers, Please.

Sweet baby boy has RSV. Ava was sick earlier this week, spiking a 102 fever (high for any of us - we run in the high 97's and almost never get fevers), and getting an increasingly deep cough, so in we went to the doctor. I tried my absolute best to keep them away from each other, but with his absolute desire to eat his hands all day long, and her love of touching him and talking to him rightupinhispersonalspace, the inevitable happened. I was hoping I was overreacting when I heard him cough in his sleep Thursday night, but knowing the weekend was upon us, I marched him right into the pediatrician all, "Well, I'm probably overreacting…" because he was in such high spirits, and then the rest is a blur of positive RSV tests and breathing treatments and we're now the proud owners of a shiny new breathing machine. Sigh. 

Though we caught it early - yay mommy instincts! - he has unfortunately continued to get a bit sicker, despite numerous breathing treatments, and so I ask for your prayers. Mainly, that he be restored to good health, that he doesn't spike a fever (anything over 100.4 we were told to head into the ER due to the risk of pneumonia and breathing complications), and that we don't need to go to the hospital. Also, we're in the process of going from my husband's employer-provided insurance to private insurance due to a job change (someday I'll post about this, I swear), and so we're officially insurance-less come Friday, though I'm working some magic on my end to get ours to go into effect ASAP, so hopefully it won't come to that. Anyhow, if you're the praying type, I'd love for you to send some up for my little guy, please and thank you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A VIsit to the UT Club.

It's no secret that my husband and I are big longhorn fans. We both are alum of the University, and my husband spent the past seven years working there (he just left for a new job this past week - a post in the making, I'm sure!) at the law school. Ava consistently requests to visit campus over winter break - a tradition that we all enjoy - and Jack's birth announcement will soon run in the Alcalde, the alumni magazine, a tradition we began with Ava. It's obvious we bleed orange. 

Anywho, David's going away happy hour took place at The University of Texas club - a place I had never been - and it was awesome! Check out some pics of us indoctrinating our little longhorns:

We may or may not have snuck into the box seats to get a good look (and some good photo ops!) at the field.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Family Picture Friday!

We haven't gotten them back yet, but here are is a sneak peek of the family pictures we had taken last weekend. I'm in LOVE with them! A big shout out to up-and-coming photographer Emily of Emily and M - she's going to do great things! If you're in Austin, I highly recommend her. Not only is she amazing and talented, she's also gracious and kind and great with the kiddos. What more could you want?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jack: 3 Months (and two weeks late…)

Well, he officially turned three months on January 24, but who's keeping track ;) I did manage to take his three-month photo on the occasion, though. It's only this post that's running way behind…

At three months, Jack is a bundle of happiness. YAY! I'm so happy to be able to type that, given his rough start and nonstop crying and fussiness. He still wants to be held 24/7, but he's all smiles these days!

Three-month stats:
- 13 pounds, 7 oz. (Staying steadily in the 36%!)
- 24.25 inches long (50%)
- Head circumference: 16 in.

- is still exclusively breastfed, and still won't be starting on any solids until 6+ months.
- wears mostly 3-6 mo clothes, though some 0-3, and some 6-9 hand-me-downs since they've shrunk :)
-wears size 1 diapers, except at night, since he pees right out of them. Little boys sure can pee!
- LOVES mommy, and loves big sister as well. Daddy has certainly grown on him, but it's like he can recognize that girls can potentially feed him, and homeboy LOVES to eat. It's his main pleasure in life.
- Still can't have any dairy, though I did slip a couple times this week (nobody's perfect!), and his reaction seemed less extreme. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, though!
- Loves going to work with me and being with all the little ladies. We joke he has a female fan club already!
- Is still on prevacid for reflux, and now pepcid as well after seeing the GI. Poor little old man baby :)
- Enjoys his kick n' play gym, bouncer, rock n' play he tolerates, and increasingly interested in the exersaucers. Yay!
- Loves to be worn. Second only to eating.
- Has discovered his hands, and is really curious about what they can do. He likes to grab at every. single. thing. I pick up, and loves my hair. I vow to not cut it, but I'm remembering why I did with Ava. He also likes to pinch while nursing. OUCH.
- Giggled for the first time on 2/3, and his belly laugh was one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard.

We love you so much, Jack Jack!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Since I Suck at Blogging Lately...

 Jack: 3 months so far, in pictures. A real 3 month post to follow tomorrow :)

Jack giggled for the first time on Monday, February 3rd :) He was hesitant to do it on video, but I snapped these pictures during. Clearly he's becoming increasingly happy :D

I absolutely adore these two together. Despite our rough start with Jack's nonstop crying and vomiting, Ava loves him more than I could have ever imagined. She's got quite the maternal instinct :)

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