Monday, September 26, 2011

B vs. MRSA

Happy Monday! I don't usually welcome the start of the workweek with such vigor, but I also don't usually spend my weekends in the hospital certain I'm dying.

Let me start from the beginning. This past weekend was uneventful, but the weekend before was one of the worst in recent history. It started the same as most: I was working late Thursday night like always, mentally prepping myself for my Friday and ready for the weekend, one that was meant to be spent getting my brake maintenance done and just generally relaxing. Instead, things went entirely downhill.

I had noticed that my eye was a bit swollen under my eyebrow, but figured it was just due to the ingrown hair I had scratched earlier. I thought nothing more of it until I woke up Friday morning with my eye swollen down into my eyelid, making it difficult to fully open. I got through to my doctor's office first thing, who informed me that I had a staph infection, and subsequently shot me up with antibiotics* and sent me home with two more. He said he was treating it aggressively given that the weekend was starting, but that it probably wouldn't be a big deal. He also told me that if it started to take a turn for the worse, to go immediately to the ER.

(*I am horrified to note that I fainted after the shot. They didn't warn me that I might feel a bit of a rush after the shot - in my butt I might add - and I went to stand out and passed out. This is the same doctor's office where I threw up on a nurse when I had rotavirus. Any suggestions for local PCPs are welcome LOL)

Anyhow, I took the rest of the day off, seeing as how I was still feeling a bit woozy, and went home to rest. The rest of the day passed by uneventfully compared to the morning, aside from the redness and pain in my eye causing a bit of an inconvenience. I was hopeful the antibiotics would kick in by morning, and so I called it an early night and hoped for the best!

Fast forward to 2AM, and I woke up with a raging fever and an eye that was swollen completely shut. Wanting to err on the side of caution for the sake of preserving my eyesight, I woke up David and together we carted all three of us off to the ER.

The one good thing about the ER at 2:30AM is that there isn't much of a wait. Instead, or perhaps because I looked like the hunchback and was scaring small children, they took me directly back. I'm the type of person who always wonders if they're overreacting, but I knew immediately I wasn't when they hooked me up to an IV, explaining that they'd be giving me a morphine drip for the pain (it was intense) and would be giving me three separate antibiotics over the course of several hours. I also had to be taken in for a CAT scan to make sure that only the eye socket and surrounding tissue were involved, and that my actual eyeball was not infected - an infection that could lead quickly to blindness. Holy scary! David took the baby home to rest, since they said I would likely be either admitted or there at least until morning, and I got dosed up on all kinds of drugs. Note to self: do not update Facebook status on morphine, or take the chance your grandmother will be able to quote you as saying you're "high as a kite". Oops.

I'd love to say that's the end of the story, but it's not. Not even close. To make a long story a bit shorter, though, here's the abbreviated version. I was discharged around 9AM, sent home with painkillers and three new antibiotics, and went home to rest. I slept basically until 3:30pm, while D took Ava to a birthday party (what an angel!) on a mere few hours or sleep, but was woken up by intense nausea and a migraine so intense I could barely function. With the swelling in my eye increasing and the pain enough to make me scream, back to the ER we went, the entire time me telling David that I was certain the infection had spread to my brain and giving him instructions on Ava. I was THAT convinced I was going to die. It may be humorous now in retrospect, but I have never, ever, ever felt that bad in my entire life. Scary.

Once we were back at the ER, the news was grim, but the prognosis was good. I wasn't dying, I was just suffering from an intense and severe case of MRSA, the terrifying, antibiotic-resistant strain of staph that has circulated through the news for it's severity. Noting the increased swelling (which was the reason behind the intense pain in my head), the doctor on duty notified me that he'd be cutting into and draining the abscess on my eye in order to clean out the infection, and inserting antibiotic gauze that would have to be removed the following day, with a third trip to the ER. Super duper. They came in and gave me a shot of morphine, then inserted a liquid nerve block into my eye to do the procedure. It didn't take more than ten minutes, but nothing like "don't move, or I may end up sticking the needle into your eye" to make ten minutes feel like an eternity.

Though the worst was over, I then started to throw up repeatedly. Over, and over, and over. Mrs. D had come to be with me at the hospital so David and Ava could have a break for dinner and so I wouldn't have to be alone, and she then proceeded to drive me home, only for me to throw up in her car. Awesome. The weekend just kept on getting better.

I am happy to say that I'm better now, though it wasn't an easy journey. My future FIL had to come and stay with us to help out since I was completely out of commission, and we existed on take out and a slightly lesser version of clean for several days. Even now, I'm just starting to get my energy back, and the nausea didn't subside until they changed my antibiotics yet again.

The one thing I can say, though, is that Mondays are pretty damn awesome. Any day that's not spent in an ER or mentally preparing my will or one in which I'm able to find the energy to play with my daughter is now the best day ever!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We recently tried out a new place that opened up in Cedar Park (eh, not really Cedar Park, but really right next to Lakeline in super NW Austin). Anyhow, I didn't have the best expectations going in, because to be honest, it's pretty pricey for the older kids (it's done by the hour for those that are tweens and teens, but we have a long time before then!), but it. was. awesome. Seriously! I had such a super fun time bouncing along with the kids, and everyone slept like a baby the entire way home and for hours afterwards!

The concept is this: it's like an inflatable world, except sub extra large trampolines for the bouncy houses, and put them against the walls and all kinds of angles and voila! Jump Street! One of the best parts is that for little ones, it's really inexpensive. It was $4 for the under 3 set and it was good for all day (though no re-entry, sadly). $4 all you can bounce! Definitely a steal, since many of the bounce houses start between $7 and $10 admission. Yowsa!

They also had some inflatable structures, including a steep slide with a huge (and terrifying) crocodile on it, as well as a bounce pit with a monkey theme. Ava didn't care too much for the bounce pit after the initial few jumps, but that slide? She just couldn't get enough! She just kept going up the stairs and down the slide, waving "hi!" to the crocodile everytime. So stinkin' cute. Seriously, the stairs are steep, the crocodile scary, the whole thing pretty dark, and the slide a lonnnng way down, and she loved it! My little thrill-seeker is afraid of nothing!

Check out some pictures from our visit:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Versatility.

I can be rugged:

and I can be glamorous:

I can even be a bit of a hipster:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Lonnnnng Weekend.

As you'll remember, this past weekend I had S & P for the entire weekend at their house while their parents were in Vegas! While it was a super fun time and I loved every second of having the girls and getting to spend time with them, I was TIRED! We did so much: we went to a birthday party at Kids N Play, we met up with some friends to swim at Westwood, we went to Central Market for dinner and to play on the playground, we made numerous trips to Starbucks, went to Ramsay Park, and just had a great time hanging out playing games, playing in the backyard, and watching a movie. It was awesome, but even A was exhausted.

Check out all the fun we had:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ava's 2nd Birthday Party Ideas.

Sure, it's early. OK, it's exceptionally early. But my time these days and in the forseeable future is limited, so I take my planning and ordering time where I can find it, and that was last weekend. Here is what I have up my sleeve for Ava's second birthday:


As for a cake (which may not have to be vegan this year!!!!!!), all ideas/resources/cake pan URLs welcome - same with party favors and decor ideas!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catching Up.

I've been a bad blogger lately. Forgive me?

Let's see - what's been keeping me away? First, my new job. I have yet to start full-time (that begins tomorrow - yikes!), but I've still been rounding out about 25 hours a week with four kids, and if you don't know from personal experience, that's a LOT. Add in my second job, the writing I am attempting to keep up with and failing miserably, and my 'round-the-clock gig as Little A's mama, and I'm not making excuses when I say that blogging has taken a backseat to attempting to preserve my sanity.

Also, I've now been at work for the past 53 straight hours, as I worked Friday, and then went directly to pick up the girls from school and have had a two-night sleepover with them while the D's are in Vegas. I'm definitely not complaining, seeing as how I miss their faces terribly every day that I'm not here, but it's definitely keeping me on my toes.

What else is new...hmmmm. Oh yeah, if you missed my post yesterday, we let Ava have a piece of pizza (two, actually, but I didn't want to call her out!), and she hasn't reacted. HALLELUJAH. There is hope.

One big piece of news from last week is that I finally, after years of debating, purchased a MacBook Pro. Woot! I'm a straight up Dell hater, especially seeing as how mine was only months old when it started seriously underperforming, and I've been wanting to make the switch to Apple for a long, long time. And now, finally, at long last, I have. Side note: What apps do you have for your MacBook that you'd recommend? I got a $100 App Store credit, and other than iTunes, have no idea what to do with it :) Suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Alright - that's all the free time I have until the D's return later this afternoon, and then I'll surely be planting my tired booty on the couch in my PJs and watching TV to try to zone myself into a zen state of mind before I start my 52-hour workweek. Woosaahhhhhhh.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ava's First...

...piece of pizza!


So, as you all know by now, Ava has been fighting a long battle with a total dairy intolerance. The allergist we saw said it wasn't a true allergy and that she should outgrow it by three, but no luck so far. That is, until now.

I'm at the D's all weekend, watching the girls while they try their luck in Vegas, so we ordered pizza for an easy dinner last night. Not wanting Ava to feel left out and wanting to test and see, we offered her a piece of pizza and crossed our fingers! Not only has she not reacted yet - about 20 hours later, but she also loved it SO much she ate two pieces! Wowsa!

Let's hope that she doesn't react and we're looking at the end of her dairy intolerance and the beginning of a whole new world of foods she can eat!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Texas Bloggers Fire Relief Efforts

As you all know, I live in Austin. Central Texas has been my home - and the love of my life - for thirteen years now. It's where I had my first kiss, where I went to college (hook 'em!) and found myself, where I bought my first home, and where I fell in love, got engaged and brought Ava into this world. And now, in the most gut-wrenching turn of events, it is burning.

We have been fortunate so far to have been spared by the fires in the past 24 hours, but there are many - thousands, even - who have been displaced, both temporarily and permanently. Hundreds in Bastrop alone have lost their homes and all that they hold dear, and no longer have a place to lay their heads or raise their babies.

Because we're so fortunate as to have been spared, we have to do anything and everything we can to help.

As such, please grab the button to the side (at the top) to promote awareness of relief efforts that myself and a wonderful group of local Austin (and surrounding Central Texas areas) bloggers are spearheading to contribute to the relief efforts started by the Red Cross.

You can go here to donate to the Central Texas chapter of the American Red Cross, and a link to other ways you can help can be found here. More information to come as we throw it together. A special thanks to the beautiful and kindhearted Missy at Wonder, Friend for this heartwarming idea!

As for any locals tuning in, next Sunday's Austin Family Brunch, hosted by LiveMom, will be serving as a benefit/donation drive for disaster relief efforts. You can find out more about the event, taking place at Joe's Place on E. MLK, by clicking here

To link up and spread the word, join us below!

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