Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Library Card.

Yesterday, Ava and I descended upon unsuspecting library patrons to get little A her very own library card. We frequent the library multiple times a week - (usually 2-4 between storytime, returns/picking up holds, and needing an air conditioned place to kill time!), and so I felt it was high time. Also, you're limited to five holds per card, and mama needs to reserve the rest of the Game of Throne series, but I digress...

Y'all. I have never been more tickled by my child than at her reaction to getting a library card. She was so excited - you would've thought she was three or four given her comprehension of what was going on! The woman handed it to her after activating it and she kept picking up books and bringing them to the counter and handing her card over. It was SO cute! Anyhow, she was so proud to have her own library card, she wouldn't let it go!


In the carseat:


HA! So cute! I love my little bookworm so much!


  1. I love it when they do stuff like that. How in the world does she understand?? Amazing!

    Yay for reading!!

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  3. That's awesome. They understand ownership and the power of that card from a very young age!

    When Peo was little she flipped out for every library trip. We lived in Vegas, and I told the librarian that my daughter real bibliophile. The librarian asked what that was. I told her, and she doubted me, so she shouted across the library to another librarian, "This lady says her daughter is a bibliophile and that means she loves books. Is that right?" The other shouted back, "Don't know, never heard of it!"



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