Thursday, September 22, 2011


We recently tried out a new place that opened up in Cedar Park (eh, not really Cedar Park, but really right next to Lakeline in super NW Austin). Anyhow, I didn't have the best expectations going in, because to be honest, it's pretty pricey for the older kids (it's done by the hour for those that are tweens and teens, but we have a long time before then!), but it. was. awesome. Seriously! I had such a super fun time bouncing along with the kids, and everyone slept like a baby the entire way home and for hours afterwards!

The concept is this: it's like an inflatable world, except sub extra large trampolines for the bouncy houses, and put them against the walls and all kinds of angles and voila! Jump Street! One of the best parts is that for little ones, it's really inexpensive. It was $4 for the under 3 set and it was good for all day (though no re-entry, sadly). $4 all you can bounce! Definitely a steal, since many of the bounce houses start between $7 and $10 admission. Yowsa!

They also had some inflatable structures, including a steep slide with a huge (and terrifying) crocodile on it, as well as a bounce pit with a monkey theme. Ava didn't care too much for the bounce pit after the initial few jumps, but that slide? She just couldn't get enough! She just kept going up the stairs and down the slide, waving "hi!" to the crocodile everytime. So stinkin' cute. Seriously, the stairs are steep, the crocodile scary, the whole thing pretty dark, and the slide a lonnnng way down, and she loved it! My little thrill-seeker is afraid of nothing!

Check out some pictures from our visit:


  1. that place looks like a lot of fun!!!

  2. I have never been but my 8 yr old raves about it! I love reading a blog from Austin.


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