Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Mini Honeymoon - Family Style!

I've hinted at a little trip of ours in previous posts, but only now am I far enough out from wedding chaos and whatnot to get to sit down and tell y'all about our mini honeymoon and trip to San Antonio. First off, let me tell you how excited I was when GM contacted me after my car accident. They reached out and let me know that they, too, knew how devastating it could be to feel unsafe in your vehicle after a major accident, and that they'd like to offer me the chance to drive something in their super safe fleet of cars/trucks/SUV's, if I'd like. And, to make sure that I got the complete driving experience, they threw in a trip to San Antonio to stay and visit Sea World with Ava, who just thought the entire experience was divine!
Naturally, I said yes. I've had my eye on a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon for some time now, and with the increased safety features and bells and whistles, I thought that now was the optimal time to take one for a spin. They delivered my GMC Yukon Denali (woot woot!) to my door, and it took no time at all before Ava and I were IN. LOVE. Now I'm no stranger to luxury features in a vehicle - I like my cars equipped. But let me tell you, even I was amazingly impressed with all that the Denali had to offer. One touch sunroof? Yes please. DVD in dash with two screens? Um, absolutely! Blind spot sensor to alert you to the possibility of a collision? I feel safer already! Back up camera? Where have you been all my life? And my personal favorite - the remote start. You guys know it's hot as all heck in Texas, so with the remote start, the car could be practically cool by the time I got Ava into her car seat. WIN.
Once we established that the features were top of the line and learned to work them all, we decided that it was time to take her for a spin. Now, I don't say this lightly. I've been driving Fords for seven years, including two Explorers and an Expedition. BUT, if I'm being completely honest, after driving my Denali for week, my Explorer feels like a clunker! The Denali rode so smoothly and so nicely - it was an absolute delight to someone who gets so motion sick!!! As for Ava, she's been asking me nonstop if we can watch Yogi bear when we get in the car. Doh! Definitely missing that DVD player!!!
As for GM, I cannot say enough good things about the entire company, but especially Vicki Cosgrove! Our trip was amazing (pics in a minute!), but it ended on a stressful note with Ava getting pretty rapidly sick. Whether it was from the heat - despite it being a gorgeous day, Ava has a history of severe heat sickness - or from something she ate, we weren't sure, but when we were in a panic over how to take her home, they swooped in and saved the day! We are so grateful! Now, here are some pics of our fun family trip! We arrived to find a special honeymoon gift for us to enjoy! So thoughtful!
The view from our balcony (oh yes, that's a swim up bar!):
Ready to par-tay!
Sea World:
Family shot:
Shamu, just walking around the park :)
Coral Reef tank:
Ava was captivated by the Shamu "One Ocean" Show. She LOVES Shamu!
We splashed and played at the Sesame Street Bay of Play - a HUGE hit!
We even got to hand feed dolphins!!!! Definitely the coolest part for mama!
All in all, it was one of our best family days ever! We had such a lovely time, and are so thankful and indebted to GM for the amazing trip and ride! In fact, we're currently doing a bit of car shopping!!!!! Thank you SO much, GM! Something tells me we'll remember this trip our whole marriage long :)


  1. It’s really hard to trust a new car after encountering an accident, especially if you haven’t driven anything quite like it. It’s going to be a difficult challenge. But I think it’s a good sign that the Denali didn’t scare you the first time you drove it around. After all, one of the most important things about driving is being comfortable in the car you are using.

    >Nicole Vickers

  2. From how you described your experience, I can really tell that you were very satisfied with the GMC Denali. Well, what’s important is that you feel safe and you enjoy driving it. See? Ava seems to like it too! She really looked comfortable on that seat.

    Delsie Maidens


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