Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy (Belated) Halloween From Ava and Jack!

First up, we had Ava's Costume Carnival and trick-or-treating at Ava's preschool - too super cute! She is LOVING school - after we picked her up, she said, "Now that's my kind of day!" What a character!

I was super impressed that they bought in a huge bouncy house and slide to the gym, as well as some games and some Halloween tattoos - I love preschool, too!

Once the school day wrapped up, Ava came home and we had a bit of down time before trick-or-treating, but then we walked back out the door to meet some friends and trick-or-treat in our regular fashion, a la the golf cart. Thank the Lord for that golf cart. My incision hurts like crazy today, but I can only imagine how much worse it would have been had I walked all that way, instead of just for a little bit. 

Here are the cutie pie trick-or-treaters:

And, though he didn't sport it because he was in the carrier, here's Jack in costume, better late than never :)

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