Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jack's First Easter!

Easter is by far my favorite holiday, and I'm finding it more and more exciting each year to spend it with my children. Between Ava anticipating the many Easter egg hunts we do around town each year, to my husband joining us for church on Easter Sunday, to Jack's first Easter (and the many outfits that accompanied it!), I just love all the happenings surrounding the holiday. More importantly, however, is the general feeling of joyful revelry, with the celebration of Christ being risen. Alleluia!

This year, in an effort to make the most of it for Ava, who was old enough to participate, and for Jack to at least be exposed to the general merriment and good spirits, we participated in FIVE Easter egg hunts, went to a playgroup party, and joined in the fun on Easter Sunday at our church. I'm already looking forward to next year when Jack is old enough to hunt eggs! This year, I would have just looked like a greedy mommy, and since I can't have dairy in the first place, well, the less chocolate hanging around my shelves, the better!

First, there was our annual playgroup Easter party and egg hunt at the park:

Then, a celebration for alumni at the Theta house, complete with petting zoo and cookie decorating:

Friday brought our favorite egg hunt, the Pemberton Heights Easter Egg Hunt. Mainly, they have Starbucks and donuts. I couldn't have the donuts, but Starbucks, yes, thank you!

In preparation for the big day, we dyed Easter eggs and decorated them with funny faces and hair with grandpa and grandma. Definitely an Easter highlight for Ava!

And then, it was Easter morning. Our Easter bunny went easy on the kiddos this year and didn't hide their baskets in too tricky of a place :) 

Jack was quite excited!

After the sugar coma ensued, we headed off to church (sounds like a great combo, right?), and Ava helped the other kids to flower the cross - an annual favorite - and hunted for eggs.

And last, but certainly not least in the South, the cascarones!

Happy belated Easter, everyone! 

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