Saturday, July 19, 2014

Austin Reptile Show Comes to the Pflugerville Public Library.

We've recently discovered the Pflugerville Public Library, which is funny, since I've lived less than fifteen minutes from it for the better part of a decade. Anyhow, I had heard that it had been redone, and recently read about a great baby story time there on Monday mornings, and went to check it out for myself.

Not only did both the library and the story time exceed my expectations, but I happened to pick up a brochure of both adult and children's upcoming events, and it just so happened that the reptile show was coming the following week and wristbands were available the following day! We returned the next day, picked up our wristbands, and eagerly awaited the event!

First, let me say how awesome the wristband system is! When we got there, we didn't have to worry about there being enough room, or having it be wall-to-wall packed to where we couldn't see or enjoy it. We just got in line with our wrist-banded selves, and waited for the show to begin!

Jack, known to be a skeptical baby, wasn't so sure at first:

...but being true to his boy-ness, he quickly decided he likes reptiles :)

We will definitely be utilizing all that the Pflugerville Public Library has to offer in the future!

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