Saturday, May 2, 2015

Color Me Mine in Bee Caves: A Review.

I posted a while back about a special going on at Color Me Mine, a paint-your-own-pottery studio located at the Hill Country Galleria. Never one to let a new opportunity to slip by me, Ava and I headed out there last weekend to create a few pieces of our own!

I've been to my share of painting studios, despite lacking even an ounce of my own artistic ability, and there were several things about Color Me Mine that immediately stuck out to me. 

First of all, I was mesmerized by the beautiful murals on the walls. The studio was beautiful and inviting, with lots of great light for painting! There was also quite a few designs and pottery pieces that seemed exclusive to their studio, which was one of the highlights for me. A lot of times you get a similar selection of a handful of designs, but they had some wonderful character pieces that really appealed to Ava - they are exclusively licensed for Sony and Warner Brothers designs! 

Ava picked out a couple of pieces to work on, and we sat down to get to work. At other studios I've been to, you get to choose 4-6 colors to use on your piece, but at Color Me Mine, they had a color menu with nearly 100 colors to choose from, and all colors were available to you. They also had plates against the wall with various techniques demonstrated on them, and other tools accessible to customers to help get their creative juices flowing!

Ava chose two pieces - a Snoopy piggybank for herself, and a piece to work on for Mother's Day - one that I'm very anxiously awaiting opening next weekend! Despite the presence of other families in the studio, I never once felt rushed or like we had overstayed our welcome, despite Ava painting for nearly two hours! She also used a significant amount of red, and no one raised an eyebrow - in fact, they kept coming back around with more! 

Here's my little artist at work:

Another fantastic thing was that our pieces were ready in just TWO days! They were promised by Thursday, but we got a call that they were ready on Tuesday afternoon - Ava couldn't have been more excited!

If you're interested in checking out Color Me Mine, you can find a location near you on the mural below! If you're in the Austin area, though, I highly recommend visiting the Bee Caves location in the Hill Country Galleria - you won't be sorry!

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