Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ava Meets Elsa: A Frozen Party at Kaleidoscope Toys!

After a rough end to last week (Ava was goofing around on a barstool, then flipped it over on herself with it landing on her eye, effectively giving herself a major shiner and waking up with it basically swollen shut the next morning...), we were so happy to have a Frozen party to attend at Round Rock-based Kaleidoscope Toys over the weekend. Nothing quite like the promise of meeting Elsa to raise Ava's spirits!

While meeting Elsa - and getting to take pictures with her - was the highlight of the event, it wasn't the only thing we did. We started off rotating between coloring Frozen-themed pictures and working on a craft box project with a Frozen twist. 

The kids also got to play with some "snow" - a pretty awesome creation that felt both cold and the right texture, and was made with water and stirring like you'd expect to make playdoh. And, what Frozen event would be complete without a sing-along? I may never successfully get "Let It Go" out of my head...

(Pardon the black eye in the pictures. It looks significantly better than it originally did, thanks in part to make-up, but mainly due to the passage of time.)

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