Monday, August 25, 2014

Ava's Back to School Pirate Party!

Though this summer was definitely amongst one of our best ever, I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the beginning of the school year! For us, the routine and schedule of the school year, combined with the excitement of special events that are a part of having a school-aged child, is something we definitely miss, particularly as the summer begins to wind down and those initial welcome stretches of nothingness seem to stretch on and on into, well, nothingness. 

This is the last year Ava will be in preschool before heading off to Kindergarten next fall (oh, how I wish she was able to go this year - she's SO ready!), and so to usher in the new year, we hosted a back to school pirate-themed party at our house this past Saturday! Since Ava will be returning to her school from last year, a lot of her classmates will be returning and in her same class again, as well as some new friends and some friends that were in the class next door to her room last year! As such, the party felt much more like a reunion in a way, and definitely was the perfect way to kick off the back to school season and start getting the kiddos in the mindset!

Lucky for me, I won a giveaway for local event planning company Woo Who Events, which was where the idea of a pirate party was born! The owner, the wonderful and extremely talented Melissa Morgan, provided all the entertainment, which was a huge relief for me! She showed up in full pirate regalia, with a rolling suitcase full of balloons for balloon swords, face paints to paint all of the kid's faces, and pirate-themed stories to tell! It was absolutely perfect!

I cannot recommend Melissa strongly enough! Every single parent present at the party asked about where I had found her and commented on how wonderful she was and how great and cohesive everything was! 

Now, bring on the school year!

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