Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our First Vacation as a Family of Four: Day One.

I've been a bad, bad family member. With the exception of my grandma having come to visit last fall for my baby showers, I haven't seen my family since our wedding. Our. Wedding. TWO AND A HALF YEARS, Y'ALL!

As such, we decided that this year we just had to go back to visit California and take Ava to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, great-aunt and uncle, and cousins! My entire family still lives in California, and after three years without a visit, it seemed about time. It was also the first time that they were going to meet Jackson, and nine-and-a-half months is too, too long for them to not have met sweet Jack (which they let me know at every turn;)!

We set out bright and early Thursday morning (not even kidding, the alarms went off at 3:30am!), and arrived to the airport excited, if a bit sleepy and disheveled! Jack was more than a bit confused about why we were up and at 'em in the dark, but thanks to my Ergo, he was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride - and nap! Thank you, babywearing! 

Everyone was very excited to be on an airplane!

Amazingly, the flight went off without a hitch. Jack has definite opinions about how things should go and when he should eat and sleep and move around, and so I was expecting the worst, but he fell asleep nursing on the way up, and slept a majority of the flight. Ava was a saint as well, watching out the window for clouds and landmarks and playing with her books and dry erase cards. It went GREAT.

Once we got there, we had to swing by the rental car office to get our car, and then were on our way into the mountains. The main reason that I hesitate to make the trip out is the multi-hour drive after the flight - it's just such a long trip - but thankfully, San Jose proved to be the best airport I've flown into so far, and we were able to get into our rental car, on the road, and arrive in Sonora in just over two hours. Amazing! Since we were running way ahead of schedule, we decided to stop by my mom's office to surprise her, but instead, she surprised us by not being at her office - LOL!

We ended up catching up with her, and then headed up to see the rest of the family. We were staying with my aunt, since her house has the most space and is already loaded up with kids, so what was two more? When we got there, we were greeted by some very excited relatives, anxious to meet baby Jack!

We were so excited to arrive!

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  1. My kids were very close to the same ages when we traveled back to SF to show off the kids to the Godparents. Izzi nursed/slept almost nonstop and Ian played Nintendo DS -- glad yours did well, too!
    Love the look on Ava's face!


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