Friday, August 15, 2014

Day Four: Fishing, Friends and Family!

Our fourth day in California was our last that we would spend with family before heading back to the bay area, and so we made sure to get plenty of time in with our friends and family. Ava has always wanted to go fishing, and since my grandpa taught me to fish on the ditch that ran through our neighborhood and property, it seemed only fitting that he be the one to take her as well, so off we went at 6:30am Sunday morning to meet up with my grandpa and fish!

Fishing didn't last that long, just like when I was a kid, so after we had finished visiting with my grandparents again, we ran across the street to visit family friends who I had known for twenty-six years! I used to visit them constantly as a child, and go places like Dogwood Lake, and so we talked about it and decided to revisit the old days and meet up at the lake that afternoon! Ava had been wanting to swim, so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon, before meeting back up at my aunt's house in the late afternoon for a family BBQ send-off!

What more perfect way to end our trip than with a family BBQ? My mom brought over some tri-tip - a decidedly California entree - and we enjoyed some french bread, salad, mac and cheese, and some delicious desserts on the deck at my aunt's house while the kids ran around and played. Ava so loved being able to play with her aunts and cousins - though she was really confused about who was who! She'd frequently refer to them by size ("the little one gave me some of her food!", "the big boy said I could go outside" - LOL)! She just loved being in the constant presence of other children, though - so much so that she mentioned more than once how "boring" Texas is in comparison!

Another wonderful day full of family fun! Now we had to turn our attention to packing and getting ready to head to meet Auntie Katy and Uncle Jon in Santa Cruz before heading back to Texas!

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